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  1. Pitioa

    Face shim question

    or instead of 3 of the 24.1 can I use 2 24.15?
  2. Pitioa

    Face shim question

    I have a ktm that I will like to add a face shim but I don't have more 24.1 will it be ok to use a 25 against the piston?
  3. Pitioa

    2013 KX250f shock valving

    so this bike shock piston is diferent than other showas? because this have 44mm rebound shims instead of the 40mm that they use previous years
  4. Pitioa

    2011 rmz450 shock rebound

    mxtech has 2 types of o-rings for their piston band and I have heard that the smaller ones does not make for a good seal on the shock body so maybe you are having more bleed than normal
  5. Pitioa

    2012 kx450f suspension valving specs

    Is the EU shock setting a lot softer than the US? also will the EU fork setting be better too?
  6. Pitioa

    Showa ICS spring id

    They are the same id but not the same rate
  7. Pitioa

    wp fork clamp question

    sorry to hijack this thread but on question if I use this: 24 x .1 (3) 16 x .1 24 x .1 (3) 23 x .1 22 x .1 21 x .1 20 x.1 19 x .1 18 x.1 17 x .1 16 x .1 15 x .1 14 x .1 12 x .1 8x .30--------will this be the clamp? and what will be the effect of this change? 9.5 x .3 16 x 2.5
  8. I'm not saying that I was ripped off, I'm saying that I was expecting a better job, a more elaborated work a REAL impovement not just a minor change that did not fixed the problem that we were having in the first place, in fact belived or not we have a second practice bike and the kid does not feel any difference between the two and the other that is stock, the only change that the practice bike has was a higher the oil level and as keving says: And they quote me their price and they say you are looking at $$$ plus parts and they change every wear parts as they allways do
  9. Amen!!! That's exactly how I feel and I was really surprise that some people on this thread find it lame and some say it bothers them but to me they did not try hard enough.
  10. Lower float scheme with 36's? What does this means?
  11. I will like to Id this ics springs but I know one is from a 2009 kx250f, one is from a 2011 rmz450 and one is from factory connection as you can see on the picture one of them is not mark and the other 2 are marked Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. They did no change springs PMK: The kid is a fast mx rider and the reason we send the suspension out was because It was bottoming too much and he says he feels it on hes wrist really hard and after the revalve it is still doing the same thing and I have gone to 2 clicks on compression(they recomended 10) and that is why I decide to make a big change on the fork The shock was done also but we have no issue with it, they recommend 100mm sag
  13. Ok, so lets forget about them, what do I need to order to make the midvalve The cup washers and springs? And shims of course I was looking at sdi for parts and they are several springs any idea of the size To order?
  14. Doc, I take the chance of sending it to them the first time because I was expecting that they really make a significant change to the fork or am I wrong to think that a revalve is more than just changing one shim? I was expecting from them a complete work meaning base valve and midvalve but maybe I just have to change my mind and accept that all the work needed to revalve this fork is take out one shim. I know that I may not get it rigth the first time but for the money I was expecting more work on from them.