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  1. Dasquriel

    Missing washer in engine urgent help.

    Jsnacker never seen one there on any bike and its the wrong diameter... This is driving me nuts
  2. Dasquriel

    Missing washer in engine urgent help.

    Thankyou! As far as logic goes it shouldnt be from the bike.... However why is it in this box? From the parts diagrams i could find nothing! I appreciate this very much mossman its driving my anxiety crazy haha.
  3. Dasquriel

    Missing washer in engine urgent help.

    Sorry it didnt upload there we go!
  4. Please! I purchased this bike with a blown crank..... If the guy had pulled his oil filter this would have been apparent. However instead he took the bike to a "mechanic" and the guy pulled the top end to acheive this brilliant diagnosis. The mechanic qouted him and it was too much for him to swallow so he posted the bike on craigslist with the top end in a box.... I bought the bike and rebuilt the engine (and other things unfortunately) anyways long story short i go to put the valve cover on and then insert the motor into the bike and this washer falls out of the valve cover from the box he gave me! Where does this go? Did my roomates move my parts when the engine was dissabled and throw this in the top end box or did the mechanic that took the top end off have other bikes apart and this mistakenly went in the box too? *as far as i could find on any parts diagram this washer doesnt match anything on this bike **according to my 50$ calipers(cross checked with thickness of iphone verified accurate) It is Od 22.82mm Id 20.08mm Thickness 0.6 mm Need help freaking out!
  5. Dasquriel

    2009 CRF450R Complete Build Thread - TONS OF PICS

    Our bikes look to similar.... Lol....anyways id suggest buying the lightspeed frame guards as you will be messing up that powdercoat soon
  6. Dasquriel

    Anyone selling stock slip on for 2013?

    Dont try to pawn off stuff at extortionary prices then
  7. Dasquriel

    Anyone selling stock slip on for 2013?

    I was just pointing out he was asking a extortionary price and its not "worth" 400$ stock systems are a dime a dozen..... 150$ was being nice.... 400 is idiotic..... Its stock stuff....
  8. Dasquriel

    Anyone selling stock slip on for 2013?

    Ya right buddy lucky to get 150$
  9. Dasquriel

    Engine builder and cost ?

    And whose to say the the o5 won't be clapped out as well? That'd be karma. I always do the motor when I get a new bike... Why not send your motor out to Ron hamp
  10. Dasquriel

    2013 air forks

    Tarded Anyways.... Nitrogen Also you should be setting tires a little low so they are getting to a certain psi during race conditions i sure wouldnt want my rear heating up to 15psi id try nitrogen beacaue heating up in the fork is no bueno you want to keep your "spring rate" as close as possible
  11. Dasquriel

    ***** stripped oil filter cover bolt!

    Previous owner stripped mine i time serted mine! Plenty of material there. The threads ive noticed can handle alot of strength thers probably around 20 foot pounds so u must be wayyyyy over tightening
  12. Dasquriel

    HRC triple clamps smokin deal only 3 left

    It's pretty easy to do yourself if you have a press. I have a press but a buddy made one out of 6x6's and a bottle jack for his diesel truck and welded a plate to the jack covered it in plasti dip and he changes lots of stems. Plus you can push out case bearings and such
  13. I just replaced my big gun exhaust packing , I've packed a bazillion pipes this one was done properly. Even after 4hrs on the packing it's blowing out way to much glass..... Could there been a problem with the packing at the factory....?
  14. Dasquriel

    KX450F too heavy? weight comparison

    This is bullshit and not accurate in the least
  15. Dasquriel

    Exhaust packing bad for health?

    when i ride at the track during certain bright hours of the day i can see it floating its rather concerning. I smoked for 4 years and quit 3 years ago for my health is this also harmful?