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  1. sk8rider

    hard starting after rebuild

    hey, sorry about that. the race gas was actually from the pump at a local 76 station. i forget the exact octane..something over 100. i haven't checked the valves since after the break-in. the jets are all stock (2002 yz250f). as far as the air goes, i ride sporadically...but now with summer upon us it will be hot (80's at least) and dry. thanks again
  2. Hey all, I had started out putting race gas in it after my top-end rebuild..but it doesn't like to start. I checked the valve clearance after the break-in and it was fine. I'm wondering if that race gas is gummed up in the carb. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated.
  3. sk8rider

    ProMoto Billet kickstand ¿any good?

    I've never tried the trailtech, but you will NOT be disappointed with the PMB. Love it...
  4. sk8rider

    06' YZ250F ride assesment

    Thanks for the write-up. VERY insightful. And congrats on your new ride.
  5. sk8rider

    Complete Gasket Kits?

    i used the moose top end kit...looks like they make a complete kit too http://www.mooseracing.com/ had no problems with the top end kit. good luck
  6. sk8rider

    opinions on the 2002 yz250f

    ditto...just put the '03 exhaust cam in and you're good to go. plan on having my '02 for a while. great bike.
  7. sk8rider

    Here is my bikes new look:

    looks vaguely familiar... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=292314
  8. sk8rider

    Anyone have the evo 2 graphics?

    i have an '02, but yeah, check my garage
  9. sk8rider

    Race gas shelf-life??

    Rineholio, thanks for the info. Yeah, i really need a metal container...I'm assuming sta-bil can be used with race fuel. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong... MrGadget, it's at the 76 on the corner of Almaden Expwy and Foxworthy in San Jose. $4.39 a gallon yesterday.
  10. Hey all, What's the shelf-life for race gas? More specifically, 100 octane pump gas? Does it last any longer than, say, 91 pump gas? I've read some conflicting information so I'm not sure. I just filled a 5-gallon plastic jug and I'm wondering if I should add some sta-bil as it might take me a few months to use it all. (unfortunately!) Thanks for your help!
  11. sk8rider

    Where to buy race gas in the Livermore area?

    Yeah, I had a meeting down in the south bay so I hit up the 76 on Almaden and Foxworthy... $4.39 a gallon for the red stuff.
  12. sk8rider

    pouring gas out of carb

    what yz250f rider said...
  13. sk8rider

    Where to buy race gas in the Livermore area?

    cool, thanks for the leads. i'll check it out. also, if anyone knows of any stations where 100 octane is available at the pump let me know. i heard a 76 station down in san jose has it but i'm not sure if there's a place around livermore. anyway, thanks again.
  14. Is there anywhere around Livermore/Pleasanton that sells 100 octane pump gas?? thanks!