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  1. irunktm

    Wiseco rebuild

    Get the right puller for the flywheel. Its a pain in the ass buts its cheaper and better to do it right the first time than mess up your flywheel or case trying to get it off.
  2. You wouldnt save a pound with most things racers do to cut weight on their bike, but even half a pound savings is an improvement. I dont disagree that anyone of us could never tell the difference in weight or placement of the weight but it is a step in the right direction.
  3. irunktm

    What motor

    2005-2007 will bolt right up. The only difference in those years is frame cradle material thickness. I believe the only difference with the motor is 2007 had a longer header which added a little more on the bottom end. Other than that everything is the same as far as the engine goes. It isnt worth buying a motor for a swap unless yours is blown.
  4. irunktm

    450 help Please

    3rd it, Car oil has friction modifiers designed for engine lubrication. If you put that in your rmz your clutch will slip, Get the right oil, Weight is more of a prefrence based on temprature and riding conditions. What ever you get make sure its motorcycle oil without friction modifiers
  5. Just like everyone else is saying, and also a shorty is lighter than a power core. Cutting weight is arguably more important than making more peak power when racing. Also being shorter it has better mass centraization. same theory as with the short twin exhausts on 06-08 crf250
  6. irunktm


    check the clutch for signs its slipping first off, is it look more worn than a new clutch should? and also did you try other gears? i could be one bad gear in your transmission, or your shift drum isnt rotating enough and not engaging 1st gear
  7. irunktm

    Worst Case Scenario

    depending on where the hole is your gunna have to dismantle the engine anyways, tear it apart and check over all the parts and see what they look like
  8. irunktm

    Roller + Used Motor = ?

    media blasting will clean up all the crap off the cases and make it look factory new, its sand blasting it with baking soda. works great, just make sure you tape the engine ports off well.
  9. irunktm

    07 rmz450 head trouble! Need help!

    they are called cam journal caps and they are milled as one piece with the head as stated above, you can occasionally find them for sale but there is a possibility you will have to take it to a machine shop and have the cap matched to the head. if its just the valve cover bolt hole stripped out just heli coil it, its your cheapest option. be careful taking the cam cap off though, you have to take it off slight turn by turn in the torque pattern otherwise you can warp the cam cap and you'll be SOL anyways
  10. irunktm

    Kickstart is frozen after timing adjustment

    Whats your email? I have to email it to some else too
  11. irunktm

    first bike ever im picking it up tomorow

    Congrats on the bike, i just sold my 2007 with a 490 athena kit and it was a great bike. I can help you with the saving money in the shop part, give me your email and i'll send you a pdf 2005-2007 manual, it'll help you out alot
  12. irunktm

    Kickstart is frozen after timing adjustment

    All that is assuming it dropped a valve
  13. irunktm

    Kickstart is frozen after timing adjustment

    As far as price, its gunna be new valves, piston, and probabbly valve seats redone and its a good day if thats all you need. Chances are it damaged the head, cylinder, and possibily the cams like i said. You wont know till you take it apart, i have a 2005-2007 pdf manual i can email you if you dont have one already
  14. irunktm

    Kickstart is frozen after timing adjustment

    Also when you take it apart inspect the relation ship of the cam gear to the cam lobes, if the timing jumped and the piston hit the valve it can spin the cam gear on the cam shaft and then you need to get new cams or get the gear realined at a dealer.
  15. irunktm

    Checking valves, will this work?

    I cant say for sure about the valve clearnce being the same but i'd assume they are not the same. 2007 to 2008 were completely different motors. If you cant find specs for valves call a dealer, they should be able to help you. Do a plug check and see if its lean over half throttle, that should tell you if its fuel related.