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  1. slidejob26

    2013 GG EC250 Racing model problem

    Got the Gasser all back together but we are having trouble getting it to fire. I'm not sure we have the wiring all hooked up correctly, my partner in crime didn't mark the wires when he unplugged everything. The wires aren't color coded to each other, or at least not in an order that makes sense to me. Anyone have any experience with the correct wiring?
  2. slidejob26

    Rekluse clutch concern!

    +1, I have one in my 350SXF, love it on the track. Plus it makes the 350 a killer single track bike too. Besides suspension, the Rekluse is the best mod I have done.
  3. slidejob26

    2013 GG EC250 Racing model problem

    So it's 6 months later and I now have all of the parts to repair the Gasser. Everything I need for the repairs showed up Thursday in box from Go Fasters all at no charge. I really want to say thanks again to Mark at Go Fasters, he did a lot of work with Spain to get all of the parts I needed at no charge, not even shipping from Minnesota to Washington. It only took this long to get everything because we were waiting on one gear out of Spain. The phrase had officially been changed to "slow boat from Spain". I took the motor and the parts to our local dealer (Skagit Power Sports) they are going to split the case and get it all fixed up for me. Total cost should be right about $400.00 and 6+ months of waiting. I still think the Gasser is a cool bike just an unfortunate problem to have to deal with for a bike with only 5 or so hours on it.
  4. slidejob26

    2013 GG EC250 Racing model problem

    Thanks GP, I appreciate that. I am currently working with Mark at Go Fasters, he is going to go to bat for me with the factory so we'll see what happens (thanks GlennE for the Mark idea). Mark agreed that this should not have happened, he said GG is usually pretty good about standing behind these things. Fingers crossed....
  5. slidejob26

    2013 GG EC250 Racing model problem

    Found out last week the dealer the bike was purchased from is not carrying GG (or any other brand for that matter) anymore. He is selling out his current inventory and closing the doors, bummer deal. We tore into the bike this morning and found that the counter shaft with the secondary starter pinion gear had snapped on the gear end. This stripped all of the teeth off of the gear and spread them nicely throughout the clutch side of the case. Damaged items so far, shift fork broken spring ear, counter shaft, secondary starter pinion, side cover cracked right near the sight glass (this is where the oil came from), side cover metal gasket, teeth on the back of the clutch basked nicked up and various scarring and abrasions here and there. We pulled the motor out of the bike and I will be taking it to a guy we know who is the head service tech for the local Yamaha/KTM dealer. The case will need to be split so the shaft can be replaced. I'm going to try and post some pics in a little bit.
  6. slidejob26

    2013 GG EC250 Racing model problem

    That would be great GP, thanks. I'll send my info.
  7. slidejob26

    2013 GG EC250 Racing model problem

    My buddy bought a new 2013 GG EC250R this past February. He was coming off of a recent shoulder surgery so he wasn't able to ride it for about 3 months but he sure liked looking at it in the garage. When he finally got healthy we did some riding but his shoulder began causing him problems again while were at an event in June, so he hasn't been on the bike for about 2 months. In total the bike has maybe 5 hours on it with no problems. He is still recovering so he suggested I take it out to a local riding area and put some time on it to see what I think of the bike. I ride a '13 KTM SX350 so I thought it would be cool to get some time on the Gasser out in the tight single track. Last Friday I took it the woods, unloaded and headed out with some other buddies. We had only ridden about 2 miles on an easy trail out of the parking lot heading towards the tougher stuff when I heard a loud bang. I was just cruising easy in 3rd gear when a loud bang occurred, I stopped right away. When I stopped all of the oil was running out of the bottom of the bike. I couldn't tell where it was coming from due to the skid plate being there and covering the bottom of the bike. The shift lever would not move and the kick starter had zero resistance to it, you can push it down with no effort by hand. We threw a rope on it and towed it back to the trailer. The bike can only be moved with the clutch in at this point. When I go it home (and after I made the unfortunate call to my buddy to tell him what happened to his bike) I removed the skid plate and pressure washed the bike. I was expecting to find a hole somewhere in the case but I didn't see anything and neither did my buddy (the owner of the bike) or the service manager at my local shop (not a GG dealer). It seems as if though the kick starter assembly let something go and it went through the tranny,maybe? The bike will still turn over with the electric start but what's strange is I can find an exit point for the oil that ran out. The GG dealer in the area is not open until tomorrow, so we'll talk to them in the morning. Wondering if any of the GG experts on here have any ideas of what could have happened. Up until the point of the failure the bike was running and riding well with no indicators of any potential problems. Even though I got only a couple miles on it, they were a fun couple miles. i was getting really excited about how fun the day was going to be on the GG in the tight stuff, especially since I normally have to muscle my 350SX in those conditions. The bike was purchased new 6 months ago but it has almost no time on it, does anyone have any experience with the factory? Do you think there is a chance they will help me out with this? Either way I am going to take care if it, I was riding it when happened so it's my problem, I'm just hoping I can get some help from the dealer or the factory on the repair costs. Thanks
  8. slidejob26

    Teanaway Community Forest

    Done and done. Sent to Dist 39 reps,
  9. slidejob26

    PSER Shelton Valley Fun Run

    This is a great event, trailers loaded and ready to go, can't wait!
  10. slidejob26

    Saddle Mountain/Mattawa

    Went today, just got back home. Pretty good time, the weather was great and there wasn't many people. There is some fun riding for sure, I'm sure we'll go back.
  11. slidejob26

    Saddle Mountain/Mattawa

    ok, well that answers that, thanks.
  12. slidejob26

    Washington Saddle Mountain/Mattawa

    Is Mattawa still a decent riding area? I haven't been to that area since the 100 was there. I know it's not as big of a riding area as it was back then, but is it worth a trip over from the west side of the mountains? Thanks,
  13. slidejob26

    Seattle SX 2015?

    I heard the Seattle race date is out for a couple years because they are going to build a new parking garage in the area where the teams pit. Once the new garage is built, they may bring a round back to Seattle if they can figure out where to put the pits. Not sure if any of that is totally accurate, I heard it from a guy who knows a guy, who knows a guy, the same guy that told me the race in Seattle was canceled months before this years event even happened. I guess I'll just hit the Vegas race for the next couple years until we see what happens in Seattle.
  14. slidejob26

    Anybody seen where everyone is going?

    I don't think Trey would bash the CRF even if he didn't like it. He is so appreciative of Honda staying with him through all of the injuries, he's probably just happy to still have a factory ride. TC is one of my favorite riders, class act.