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  1. mharp12

    Sandpaper the fenders

    It will remove the scratches but you will never get back the factory "shine" that your fender has no matter how much polishing you do.
  2. mharp12

    ATV for Daughter

    The earlier 400ex models did not have reverse. I personally own a Z400 and it is also a great quad with well over 200 hours and the only thing i have had to do to it is change the oil and i just shimmed the valves in the last 5 hours or so.
  3. mharp12

    Header Pipe Deformation or Normal?

    did you buy the bike used? maybe the pipe was tweaked upwards a bit in a wreck which is why it's so close to the radiator. If you bought it new then i would be asking the dealer about it
  4. mharp12

    Header Pipe Deformation or Normal?

    I'd say the frame is notched from the factory so that you can get a socket to the bolt that holds the header to the head. Your header shouldn't be like that.
  5. mharp12

    ltz cooling issue

    I'm no expert but yes i would say the cooling system is very similar to that of a car. Also, suzuki spent a lot of time and money designing that engine and im sure if it didnt need the thermostat then they wouldn't have put one in there, just my $0.02. The Z400 is a great bike though and as an owner of one myself im sure you will enjoy it a lot once u get it straightened out Also, i see where you are new to quads so i think you might be pleased to know that the engine and cooling systen in your ltz is basically the same as the infamous drz400 dual sport bike.
  6. mharp12

    ltz cooling issue

    I would start with getting a new thermostat, did the previous owner give a reason for removing it in the first place?
  7. mharp12

    can you sharpen foot pegs?

    My bike's owners manual gives pretty good directions on how exactly to sharpen the pegs, so it should work on your yamaha too.
  8. mharp12

    250 or 450?

    If you have any throttle control what so ever you will most likely be fine on the 450. I'm 5'9" and 160 pounds and i spent all day yesterday riding my crf450r on nearly virticle trails with hundreds of switchbacks and rocks the size of my helmet everywhere, the bike did great, but 2nd gear was plenty fast in terrain like that. If your throttle control isnt so great and you still get a 450, you will learn that a little throttle goes a long way lol
  9. its a 4T, Suzuki Z400 quad and it does lose a small amount of coolant over time but has been doing it for a while. What would that have to do with hard starts tho? sorry if thats a dumb question im a newb when it comes to the actual internal parts of the motor
  10. mharp12

    DRZ 400 motor?

    i wasnt aware that the 400ex was a high end performance quad The LTZ 400 is pretty much bullet proof though, and mine hangs right with the 450 quads in the woods and doesnt lose too much ground on them out in the open.
  11. mharp12

    Dirt bike crash

    2 year old son? really? and that isnt enough motivation for you to make an effort to protect yourself from having your head bashed in and not getting to see him grow up and become a better rider and go to school and experience all of those parts of parenting that your parents always talk about? Wow....If you love your son dont be a dumb a**....wear a helmet.:smirk:
  12. cleaned the carb and the problem is still there so i'm checking the valve clearence soon.
  13. the vent is perfectly clear. One thing that is not normal besides starving for fuel after high speed runs is that the bike is somewhat hard to start cold. I'm going to venture to guess that the two issues are related and I plan to clean the carburator and make sure everythings okay in there as soon as possible
  14. what do you guys think is going on? I know its most likely a carb issue but im not exatly sure what to do. i was in a long straight section of road so i decided to open it up a bit, I rode maybe half a mile at around 3/4 throttle and when i let off to turn around the bike didnt want to idle or rev without cutting out and backfiring. after i rode back to where i started and let the bike idle for about a minute it cleared up and ran fine again. This isnt the first time this has happened so I would really like to get it straightened out. Thanks, Matt
  15. mharp12

    Yamaha 2003 YZ250 Nightmare

    +1 let it sit overnight, and then go try to fire it up in the morning. I'm willing to bet that it will solve your problem.