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  1. OffroadMT

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    I am sorry I wrote TX125 but I believe you are correct on a TE125. I am not 100% sure but there is an article in Dirt bike review that they suggested this needle. Called JD jetting and they have there own custom needle they have made with 10 clip positions. I Have 17 KTM250xc on its way for my son and I went ahead and ordered the JD kit for it.
  2. OffroadMT

    Husqvarna TX 300 first rides

    Love the bike and suspension, Bike was so fat during break in and first ride, was very frustrated with jetting and the specs in manual. I have 12 hrs on mine and jetted the bike with 400 main and 30 pilot, lean needle and on last clip from top. Riding at 3000ft to 8000ft. Ordered a needle from a tx125 as suggested to make bike run perfect but it is very close with my jetting now.
  3. OffroadMT

    KTM 300 xc/w opinions

    I just purchased my first KTM 300xc-w, found a used 2013 with 17 hrs and many extras. I have rode it a couple times now ( snow on the ground here) and will have to say I love the bike and the power delivery. Last 2 stroke was a 2005 KTM 200 , it was a good bike but I prefer the 300. My current bike from this last season is a 2012 KTM 350 xc-f and will not quit riding it as it is awesome too but will see if that changes with a new bike to ride on single track.
  4. OffroadMT

    Ideas or Mods for 2012 KTM 350XC-F

    I have 81 hrs on my 350 and have done a suspension revalve and is one of the best mods to bike to date. Bike has been perfect and would buy one again.
  5. OffroadMT

    Rekluse or FMF

    The Rekluse is an exellent upgrade, I recently installed the Rekluse EXP core on my 2012 350 XC-F and love what is has done for woods riding and racing. The EXP is a better feeling clutch than the Z-start IMP. I also installed a FMF 4.1 on my bike to meet the spark arrester requirement at our local races and love the pipe but would not pick it over the Rekluse for sure......
  6. OffroadMT

    Ideas or Mods for 2012 KTM 350XC-F

    having enough time is allwas an issue for me as I love to ride but have to wait for the snow to melt ( live in NW Montana , six months of winter ) We have very few places to ride in March but I now have 8 hrs on bike and really like it. Went to a 51 tooth rear and that helped out the bottem end, need to keep riding as our hare scrambles start in 3 weeks. Thanks to all that have replied for the tips and advise and this is still early on with this bike and more to come this year like a suspension revalve and a muffler that has a spark arrester.
  7. OffroadMT

    Rekluse question

    I know what you mean about jetting ! I installed a Z start pro on my daughters 09 crf150rb and geared the bike down and she loves the Rekluse but I am messing with jetting at different race here in Montana as we ride anywhere from 3000 ft to 9000 ft. Check out the Big Sky Montana race and you will see the conditions and the Rekulse has done great it those rocky loose conditions if the bike is jetted right !
  8. OffroadMT

    Ideas or Mods for 2012 KTM 350XC-F

    I have 3.7 hrs in on the bike now and am enjoying this bike very much and may be my favorite bike I have ever owned but time will tell. Ordered a Ohlins v2.1 steering damper and think that will be a nice add on. Im changing the rear sprocket to a 51 tooth this week. Installed a KTM skid plate w/ quick release ( like my last bike and they hold up well to abuse ). Took off the flag hand guards and installed a set of wrap around guards. Protected the header pipe with a carbon fiber e-line guard. Next to do- change the muffler ( need spark arrester ) suspension revalve, linkage protection , flywheel weight ?
  9. OffroadMT

    Ideas or Mods for 2012 KTM 350XC-F

    I want to change the exhaust on my 2012 350 xc-f to have a spark arester, is it worth changing the header to pipe to a FMF mega bomb header to increase the low end or does this bike have plently off low end ?
  10. OffroadMT

    Ideas or Mods for 2012 KTM 350XC-F

    Is there a check valve/one way valve that you can install on vent breather line ? I havent heard of the siphoning on a vent breather line but it makes sense that it could. Is a mega bomb header a worth while investment on these bikes as I have seen a few with them ?
  11. OffroadMT

    Ideas or Mods for 2012 KTM 350XC-F

    Awesome feeback with your order of preference, I have a few Questions 1. How well do you like the Rekluse and does the lack of engine braking bother you ? 2. What is the reason for the Bazzaz tuner as I have heard of the adavantages with it on major elevation changes ? 3. Did you change your chain when you went to a 52 tooth ? 4. How di you mount your Trail tech Vapor ? 5. How was it to install headlight and wiring ?
  12. OffroadMT

    Ideas or Mods for 2012 KTM 350XC-F

    Thanks for the feedback on suspension ! What gearing are you running and what is the EXP2.0 ? Is it the same as the EXP core ? Also what muffler are you running to meet sound and spark restrictions as we have to at most of our XC races here.
  13. OffroadMT

    Ideas or Mods for 2012 KTM 350XC-F

    Great Idea, Thanks. I wanted to keep the stock chain as it looks like a good one. On my 09 Ktm I was very impressed with chain and sprocket life. Picked up a filter sock for gas tank from my dealer that looks like a split steam unit but is sold with a KTM/ Hussaberg tag, I think it's a good thing to have with fuel injection!
  14. OffroadMT

    Ideas or Mods for 2012 KTM 350XC-F

    My 2012 350 xc-f came with 13/50 gearing, I am thinking 13/52 might be a good gearing but will most likely need a new chain to fit but I don't know for sure. Might also add Promoto Billet link to help over rocks and logs, has anyone regretted having the linkage ?
  15. OffroadMT

    Ideas or Mods for 2012 KTM 350XC-F

    I was thinking of running 13/51 gearing and dont know if others had tried that gearing (3.92 ratio ) . It would be easy to change the front sprocket back and forth for different riding ! Also woundering about installing a in tank prefilter to stop debris from getting in injectors, any thoughts on those out there and if they are worth it ? I have a fuel injected KX450 that I snowbike with but havent ever dealt with running one on dirt ( fuel injection ) and want to be safe not to have problems while out riding