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  1. My '04 YZ250F won't start after sitting in my garage since 9/2/07, the date of my street bike accident. I did have my roommate start it once in November or December, but other than that, it's sat with no activity. I tried to kick it over for probably 45 minutes the other day, no dice. It was getting harder to start before last September, too, but I could always get 'er going after 4-5 kicks... Any suggestions I should try, for someone with minimal mechanical knowledge (ie, I've never taken the engine/carb off or anything, but can bleed brakes, take off wheels, etc), before I take it into the dealer?
  2. learning2fly

    Taft riding?

    I'm looking for somewhere to go riding for Thanksgiving day, but we need to be back in Visalia (45 min south of Fresno) for Thanksgiving Dinner.. I've heard of a decent place to ride near Taft, called '25 Hill'... is this place still available? Anyone know how to get there? And is this the same place that is called 'Dustin Acres' in the Where to Ride forum? Thanks!!
  3. learning2fly

    Ladies, what are you riding?

    Just curious to see what my fellow thumpettes are chosing to ride!
  4. I'd like to get some 'beefier' tires for my '01 Ranger 4x4 Edge, both in traction and size, but am not sure how much bigger than stock I can go without lifting the truck, and I don't want to do that, its hard enough to load the bike without help as it is (not that I do it that much, but still). Anyway, stock I've got 245/75R16s. Can I go 265/75R16s, at least? I'm looking at the Pirelli Scorpion A/T Tires, and they come in a bunch of sizes. Thoughts for a tire idiot?
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    Be nice or not be nice..

    Why change your ways & carry a gruge before you know you have too? Those can get heeeavy... Better to confront, nicely, and see what is going on, before letting it make you bitter... just ask him, next time you see him, "hey, are you going to order those new bars, or should just do it and you can write me a check?" and smile big! Then, if he blows you off, you KNOW he's a butthead instead of just busy, lazy, or forgetful, and then you'll forever know who you are dealing with. I had something similar happen a year or so back, when a kid came off the track, cut across a road, and hit my truck. Minor damage, but I thought I made it clear that I did expect him to pay up for my deductible... then he took off without exchanging info. Looking back, I realize maybe I wasn't clear in what I expected from him, and I certainly should have sought him out then & there, rather than stew about it afterwards.
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    How would you feel? (Venting)

    What she said.
  7. learning2fly

    Learning To Fly!

    Reading the title, I thought someone was looking for me! As for your questions: YES. Higher end helmets offer a bunch of features, but in my experience (12 yrs riding street) the biggest bangs you get for spending more on a good helmet (Shoei, Arai, etc) is lighter weight, more ventilation, and often better noise control. But, not always! Often you get more noise with more ventilation... best thing is to read the reviews on a helmet before buying, here is a good website for that: http://www.webbikeworld.com/ And yes, earplugs are a must! Spend a few hours in a parking lot after hours just working on those things... it'll come! But I'm surprised 1st to 2nd is difficult for you... is it difficult because its just choppy, or are you missing 2nd? If you are missing second and hitting neutral instead, have you adjusted the shifter lever? Women have smaller feet, and sometimes the factory setting can be a little high, I always like my shifter tight against the top of my foot for street... dirt is different, because you change position more. If you ride a lot of highway, and lots of miles, a windscreen is a must for street. It'll also keep the noise down. I've always had little after market screens for my naked sport bikes (first a Ducati Monster, now a Triumph Speed Triple). But if you take it more on dirt a lot, its just one more thing that can snap & get scratched if you dump it. Something to consider for back strain is the height of the handle bars, would you feel more comfortable sitting more upright, or more leaned over? You can get after market bars for different angles. Also, consider your suspension/sag, is it set for your weight? Too heavy springs, or incorrect sag, can really make for a jarring ride on the street. You've got a great bike there! Enjoy!
  8. learning2fly

    Man Advice

    Women need to feel loved to have sex, men need to have sex to feel loved. Read that somewhere once... sure, its an over-simplification, but my experience tells me there is something to it, and its something I try to remember as a base concept while working through relationship stuff. Although I've been single for a while, up until 6 weeks ago, and am just now starting the sixth week of a relationship... what do I know? How's everyone doing, anyways?
  9. learning2fly

    '01 Ktm 200mxc

    A friend of mine is selling his '01 KTM 200MXC for $2000 obo. I just sold my YZ250F for $2000 a few weeks ago. I really can't afford another bike right now, as I just put an offer in on a house so need to keep my cash, BUT this is tempting... its a green sticker!! Any thoughts? Good deal for $1800, maybe? Good bike?
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    Oh, wow, that's awesome!! Congrats Snork!
  11. learning2fly

    Considering a bike for my wife for xmas...advice ?

    What she said. I'm 5'10" and all of those bikes you listed would be horribly small, and uncomfortable. Get her a full-size bike, and while your at it sign her up for the local MSF course, so someone other than yourself can take her through the basics in a neutral environment, then go have fun!
  12. learning2fly

    What the hell is wrong with me

    Aww, I'm sorry to hear your battling the post-partum depression, that's gotta be hard, taking care of two small kids and feeling so blue... Maybe you need something new to get the juices flowing again? Since I've started to ride motorcycles (11 years ago), it seems like I've gone back and forth between street and dirt... for a while, I didn't ride much at all as rock climbing was my big passion for a couple of years... then, in '04, I remember I seriously considered selling my street bike as it would sit for weeks at a time as I rode MX every weekend... . now, I spend days canyon carving on the street, and finally sold the dirt bike as it was just sitting there lonely. Trail riding carries with it less fear of getting hurt... and street bikes are awesome, 'cause you can get your fix in a couple hours in the hills, while still getting back to tend to home needs at a reasonable time. Point is, its ok to not want to ride for a while, it'll be waiting for you when you are ready to return! Feel better!
  13. learning2fly

    Abnormal pap smear results...

    If she gets yearly paps they likely caught it really early, and its easily taken care of even if it is pre-cancerous. Don't be too overly worried yet, its something that happens to lots of women and is easily treatable.
  14. learning2fly

    Ladies, need some advice!

    Enroll her in an MSF course. She'll learn the basics on the street, on THEIR bikes, and will have a better idea of what its all about, and if she wants to continue...plus, it'll be way more relaxing for both of you, trust me!!
  15. learning2fly

    Sad Boobies.

    It was probably her auto insurance company... if she had medical payments coverage, its a much more generous policy than regular health insurance.
  16. learning2fly

    Sad Boobies.

    Keep researching, keep saving money... I know a lot of women who get them and feel that the risk is less than that site suggests... but the only way you can know is to look at the HARD data out there. My only suggestion would be to NOT put yourself in debt for the surgery... save up the $$ and if you're still considering it when you have the cash saved up, and its worth it to you to get them done, get 'r done! But, if you're not willing to lay out the hard cash for them, don't be seduced into a 'payment plan'... its the same money, just for some reason we tend to think of it as less expensive when we get to spread the payments out over time... Good luck whatever you decide!
  17. learning2fly

    Help A New Girl Out??

    You said on the other thread you had experience riding quads with a clutch... IMO, that will go a long way in advancing your basic dirt bike riding skills, but how much experience have you actually had? Do you own a quad now? Are you comfortable with a clutch? What kind of riding have you done on the quads? How does your skill level and aggressiveness riding quads compare with other, more experienced riders? Do you get frustrated and scared off easily, or do you tend to enjoy more difficult challenges? What is more accessible for you to ride, track or trail? Do you have a way to haul it? Do you have anyone to ride with? Is anyone going to help teach you? How long is your inseam? Go to a dealership and SIT on them, how do you feel being tippy-toes? Or do you feel more comfortable being flat footed? These are some things to consider when you decide what kind of bike, four stroke or the more challenging (but NOT impossible) two stroke, track bike or trail bike...
  18. http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/gearbox/motorcycle_helmet_review/index.html Talking about helmets and head injuries in another thread made me thing about this article... it focuses on street helmets, but I know a lot of us ride street here, and I think it has relevance to dirt riding as well...it makes a lot of sense to me... read it, and think, for yourself! It also should be noted that SNELL has changed its standards, going from 2005 to 2010... but many helmets still carry the 2005 rating. You'll have to read the link to figure out why that may matter!
  19. learning2fly

    who rides alone?

    And BC, I'm sorry, I in NO way meant to minimize what you do or what you must see every day... re-reading what I wrote I feel like a jerk because it kind of read like thats where I was going... I REALLY REALLY appreciate what you women/men do out there!! And am so glad there are people like you that have the stomach, and the heart, to do it!! I've been the beneficiary of EMS/Paramedic's dedication more than once , truly you are the angels in the ambulance!!
  20. learning2fly

    who rides alone?

    I bet... Funny, the worst head injuries I've seen, that survived, with the worst function, were both young people and related to drinking... one young girl was sitting on a pickup tailgate at a field party when the pick up took off unexpectedly and she flipped out and landed on her head. She was conscious but before they got her to the ER her ICP was through the roof and she was in a coma... the other, mid-20s, did a 'keg stand' then fell off a 2ft tall porch on his head... never walked or talked again. Jeez, sorry to be all morbid... guess my point is, alcohol really raises the probability of brain damage in a head injury situation, because of its blood thinning properties... one more reason to NOT drink & ride!! Heck, I guess this can be our thread for safety rants...
  21. learning2fly

    who rides alone?

    Yeah, if you want to call it that... Its nice to patch someone up and see them roll away with a beating heart... and you know you did all you can, and you did good job. And I'm sure it sucks to see someone smeared on the pavement. (Actually, I know it sucks, I've seen it twice, non-professionally...) But it also sucks a year later, when you have to tell a family you have done all you can, and you can't fool the insurance company any more, you aren't doing their slacked jawed, vacant eyed, drooling loved one any more good... you have to stop the worthless therapy sessions... Yeah. That's why I put criminals in prison now. Somehow, its not nearly as painful... Go figure.
  22. learning2fly

    who rides alone?

    No worries, its hard when you are new... everyone else knows the rules, and knows how to go right up to the line, without going over! (**cough**LLAMA**cough**)
  23. learning2fly

    Lost my Riding Partner...now what?

    True enough... but it worries me that he is so quick to point out that your riding is dependant on him & his truck... that just reeks of control issues. With a small investment into a trailer hitch and trailer, just about ANY car can pull a small trailer that can pull a dirtbike...! Anyway, the more you get out there the more people with trucks you will meet, so get out and ride, girl!
  24. learning2fly

    who rides alone?

    But, wouldn't you agree there are things worse than death? To me, imagining not having the use of my hands (VERY possible, considering how fragile and unprotected the hands are... going back to my days as a Occupational Therapist, here!) is right up there with death... really, I prefer to protect myself as much as I can, so i won't end up permanently MAIMED, either! I can handle the thought of death a lot easier than some of the horrible injuries I've seen... Not that I'm going to stop riding because of the fear of permanent injury OR death, I'm just going to protect myself enough so that if something takes me out and causes injury, it IS likely to be bad enough to kill me... I'm ok with that! Everyone has to make up their own minds... (BTW, not to nit pik, but I have my doubts about your assertions that helmets would save that many car drivers... with seatbelts being mandated now, I don't think head injuries are the big killers in car accidents. I think its over all blunt force trauma that'll kill you in most bad accidents... if its bad enough to squash your head, chances are the rest of you is taking more than it can handle as well! I'm basing this on working with a lot of auto accident victims, during my days as a Therapist... but maybe you have better, first-hand info...?)
  25. learning2fly

    Lost my Riding Partner...now what?

    He'll get over it. You have to let your SO, male or female, do their thing.