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  1. bikerman32158

    KLX300 - need jetting recommendations

    I think it may need a needle valve. not a float adjust. The only reason it starts at full throttle is because it flooded and needs the air. replace the needle first. clean the needle seat also. You didnt say how old the bike was... the float could have a small hole in it. very rare problem though.
  2. The water pump drain bolt is a 6mm bolt with an 8 mm head. its a short bolt. my 1998 has a regular washer on it... my 2005 has copper washer on it . a dealer will have it.
  3. bikerman32158

    New KLX300 and Intro

    Sound... Quite at idle , more bark as revs climb. morgan did a sound check u can listen to . the muffler bolts on . all u need is a 4" x 1.5" pipe and a clamp. i used a 2004 crf250f muffler. see the topic" a new exhaust " on here. My bike has a crf 250f header and muffler.
  4. bikerman32158

    New KLX300 and Intro

    The shift star works good. change it. you may want to change fork springs. dont pay for the damper changes . find a set of kx forks if u want to go the far. its a trail bike not a race bike....
  5. bikerman32158

    New KLX300 and Intro

    use a air wrench to remove the sprocket. Use the muffler off a crf 250 for your klx. use can use the header off one if u want to do a little work. I use 20w50 honda oil. I dont use car oil. Its ur clutch.... honda oil has the rite mix of additives to help save the clutch. just saying. do all the free mods, rejet stock carb, and ride it. see my post " a new exhaust". nice bike.
  6. bikerman32158

    A new klx exhaust....

    On a bathroom scale....I just weighed a complete crf 250 r exhaust system and a complete klx 300 stock exhaust. there is apprx 6 pounds different. crf is lighter. the crf muffler is 4 lbs lighter. Thats a big weight saving overall , if you install it on a klx 300. Thats a lot of weight removed from the topside ( up high) on a klx .
  7. bikerman32158

    Parting out a 2000 KLR 250?

    I ve got a carb off a klx 300 if u need one.
  8. bikerman32158

    A new klx exhaust....

    Thank You Morgan for the comments. I appreciate it. The bike sounds good. Glad you like it. I guess "bark " was the word I was looking for when we spoke about the sound. Was there some reason the factory crf muffler pipe wouldnt mount up to your header? just wondered why u cut it. I would have fired that welder...lol. I still havent put the cam chain tensioner on . Ill wait till mine needs it. ( i have very little cam chain noise) . That 8mm bolt on the outside of the factory tensioner bolt ( closest to exhaust) is going to be a pain to get loose. ive already tried once. must be loctited from the factory. I was riding with friends the other day and a guy I didnt know said to me...i didnt know that Kawaski used the same exhaust parts as honda... he was riding a crf 250...I just smiled and said yes...
  9. bikerman32158

    KLX250 problem

    either the coil is getting hot and failing or the stator is getting hot and failing. hate to say this but have you checked the oil level? Try turning on the headlight and see if it quits. check the kill switch wire also. ive seen them come loose and break and shut the bike down. double check the connections from stator to wire harness.
  10. bikerman32158

    600 barrel and head on a 250

    NO . the 600 top end will not fit the 250... your clutch is shot. replace it...as for the brakes, rebuild the master cylinders and clean the inside of the calipers . replace the brake fluid with new fluid. dont forget to bleed the brakes.... the airbox holes are ok dont hurt anything unless your in water. if the clutch doesnt fix your shifting problem ... u have bigger problems..
  11. bikerman32158

    So, What Pumper Carb Are You Using?

    Since youve never done this kinda thing, and im guessing u can rebuild ur engine , pull the head , remove the exhaust valves, and without hitting the valve seats, ( if you hit the seats u will have to have new ones installed) polish the whole exhaust port to a mirror finish. that will help alot. I cant sit and explain the whole process, porting requires unshrouding the valves ( removing metal) for better flow charateristics , and some reshaping of the port. the polish helps the exhaust leave the port quicker, for a better scavaging effect. Makes an engine more efficient. a klx 300 engine needs help on the exhaust side. Hope this helps. good luck.
  12. bikerman32158

    So, What Pumper Carb Are You Using?

    I dont have pics. I do my own work. You could send it out and have it done, bill blue, or jeff federick can do it.
  13. bikerman32158

    So, What Pumper Carb Are You Using?

    Btw ... one of the best mods, performance wise ,I have found on a klx 300 is to port and polish the exhaust side of the head, along with a bigger header. So on ur rebuild , try this . You will not be disappointed.
  14. bikerman32158

    So, What Pumper Carb Are You Using?

    I rejetted the stock carb. I used the magura throttle and bike cable set up. I ve gotten much better throttle response and have not had one single problem. Bike runs great and starts easy. ( It does acts like a pumper carb. ) I have about 30 bucks in the changes, plus some of my time. It was worth it. I can see the carb mods on a big bore and/or a stroker kit, but not a stock bike. Ill take reliability evertime , over a little extra performance ... on a trail bike. just saying.
  15. bikerman32158

    Basket case klx 125

    sell it and start over ...it will be cheaper.