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  1. ProRacer

    Found an Arai Narita replica

    Awesome, thanks for the response
  2. I found an Arai helmet that i havent seen before in person and cant find one at the local shop and was wondering what these look like in person. I dont know if i like it or not. Has anyone seen one of these in person? what do you think? Helmet
  3. ProRacer

    YZ250F or CRF250R? Pros and Cons

    The honda's suspension is better and set up for riders around the 145 lb range. The yamaha has more reliability in the motor though. They are both really good bikes but if its suspension your worried about, i'd go with honda for sure.
  4. Thats a good looking bike. very clean for a 98'
  5. ProRacer


    that looks really good. what kind of materials do you use?
  6. AX is dangerous as hell besides the lack of attentivness on the flagers part. Those tracks are very hard, anyone that has walked a sx or ax track knows what im talkin about
  7. ProRacer

    Need help - my bike chokes at the bottom!

    Great answer gozermac
  8. ProRacer

    Hello from group newbie

    welcome,... and a word of advice: Get your post count up so you get rid of the newbie status, youll get more respect around some of the forums
  9. ProRacer

    So I've decided I need to have a YZ400...

    My uncles got one he might be getting rid of, How much are you willing to spend?
  10. ProRacer

    Why stainless steel?

    Why are people using stainless stell valves? What are the advantages? And how much do they cost?
  11. ProRacer

    Torque specs for head bolts

    tighten cyclinder head nuts in a criss cross patter to 29 ft pounds.
  12. ProRacer

    How many labor hrs to change left side case?

    Duh, i missed that detail at the begining. thats a good deal for all those parts.
  13. ProRacer


    Great action shot on the rock!
  14. ProRacer

    Water pump shaft, supposed to be a groove?

    i had it checked out by a reliable mechanic. the groove i was talkin about is supposed to be there but there are also 2 very little ones on each side of it. guess im gettin a new one for the heck of it
  15. ProRacer

    miniclip.com...tril bike game

    awesome game, i just dont feel like dropping $10 for it though