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    Street legal 426

    dunlop 739 a/t definately one of the best tires i've run, puts up with some pavement but i'm kinda nice to it too.. great in the dirt n rocks as far as i can recommend... but you wanted legal tires.. hmm cant help ya there
  2. big_G

    2005 WR450!

    2 gallon tank?!?!?! will it get 80 mpg or something??? outside that, as long as that air pump crap unbolts and the dmv nazi's will issue sticker's n plates, that bike is schhewwwwwweeeet!!! mebbe its not for some of you, but i'm at full attention just looking
  3. well no argument on a WR here but that YZ would work if you wanted to put the effort in... seems like you already know the stator is wrong and thats easily fixed... its the side case spacer that turns me off the most, i guess just didnt want that... plus you get a head and tail light stock and aside from the gearing differences, if you're not gonna banzai the freeways, all that just might not matter to ya... depends on what ya want to do with it all i suppose... me i have a soft spot for WR's and i think thats all i'll ever ride until i die
  4. big_G

    WR400 owners???

    if there's a problem specific to my bike, i sure the hell haven't found it.. i'd score it a 11 on a scale of 10 and bulletproof basically uncork the pipe and maybe file the throttle stop a bit for a little extra arm ripper, and thats all i've done to mine so what problems are you guys talkin about anyways???
  5. hmm.. personally, if its more than 20 kicks your not gonna get it usually is what i see me, my problem was a couple things... in socal here, with decent weather most days, it really never was 'cold' enough to really need the choke to start.. a twist and a half or two of gas and the right kick will light it up way easier than choking it from the start for me... then once its lit, i choke it cuz it'll idle low or stall right at first the other thing i've discovered is that 1-2 inches of kick to get top dead center (or whatever its purpose is) was the key... and even though it never seemed like i did, i think now that i would kick it past too far and it'd never like to start that way... i think you wanna advance it just enough to be able to kick it i'd say, and to me that seems to be before TDC, but it works like a charm i can start mine in sandel's now though... and i use such a slow kick its almost comical but i'm here to tell you, it works every time now and i haven't used up a plug yet learn the drill, skip the choke, and reduce your 'advance' kick and see if that helps
  6. big_G

    getting plate in california

    Well, last I heard, all '03 and older bikes are automatically grandfathered to green stickerness whether or not they were labeled red or not.. thus before trying to dual sport your ride, get the conversion to a greenie first, then your papers should fly through... I don't have any links off hand for ya but I'm sure someone else here does, still... you absolutely need to get rid of that red sticker of death before you get any further cuz you're right, dmv will have nothing to do with ya since they are f@wking pinko commies as I'm sure we all know by now. Hope you make it dude!!!
  7. I don't have a new 450 but I have been following this woodruff key issue a bit here, figured I'd throw this in the ring... Chaindrive has it pretty close really, if the taper is not self seizing, its not machined right or there is a material issue. Personally, I've never seen a proper taper not seize, it just doesn't make sense. But what he said about the height of the key interested me. If true, the key could prevent the taper from ever closing... that would explain why loctite would help this problem. Not a real fix, but enough to help keep the flywheel from vibrating itself loose, killing the key. Anyways, you don't want it any shorter than absolutely necessary though. While it is to prevent shear, it's not to carry the load. This is obvious to those of you shearing keys.. if it could handle the load alone, it would not have sheared. Thus, you can try this... mount the flywheel with no key, no loctite, nothing... torque it to spec as if you were doing it for real. Take a sharpie and mark the nut and shaft with as clear a line or mark as you can... then repeat using the key in this time, and see if the nut bottoms to the same spot. If the nut is not the same both times, chaindrive may have figured it out. hope that helps y'all
  8. big_G

    WR 400 1999

    I can't speak on any similarities, but I haven't cut any wires and I'm beyond happy with this bike, it rules stock to me and the only adjustment I want is a suspension job at race tech. Obviously I pulled the exhaust cork and airbox lid. It's guaranteed green sticker and can be plated with ease, even at your local Kaliforina DMV. :D
  9. big_G

    California Air Resource Board

    They won't honor out of state transfers??? I'd say you got 'em, now if they want to victimize someone, they have to get mad at the state that plated your vehicle, or try to take away your right to go out of state to spend your money as you see fit... see what I mean. I know it's not the prefered method, but now the law both forces you to get a plate AND forces you to not be plated, all by the same agency... seems to me they are absolutely screwed, and it's of their own doing. Even if the cops want to ticket you, at least you have a file of attempts to work with DMV to show the judge... I'm sure they don't care, but there's always a chance and once you get in court, anything is possible right... OJ got off, so should you... Now if you can get them to take themselves to court over this, you got it made!!! And sorry to say it's to late to keep the gubmint from screwin us.. the eco-nazi's have the liberals on their side already, and they are sadly winning that battle. We the dirtbike ppl of the world are a small group, semi organized at best, and not well supported or well received politically. As far as an object of love to the Yamaha's and Honda's of the world... well, we're a very small blip on that radar screen too... if change is to take place, well, this seems to be the widowmaker of issues... there is a way up, just hard to find, harder to do, and seems impossible until done. Personally, now that I have family in both Alaska and Montana, I figure I can get my way if I just try hard enough... they'll plate most anything in AK... Anyway, it's the best free defense I can come up with whose roots really go back to that famous tea party... viva la revolution!!!
  10. big_G

    California Air Resource Board

    well, first let me say I may have had my flame meter set a bit high for this forum.. so sorry if I got too uppitty on ya... in fact, I believe we have spoken to each other before on this issue.. anyway... While Yamaha may be doing no favors to themselves, us or anyone, I was just saying that if a bunch of corrupt trolls tryed to wag my dog like that, I might tell them to go pound sand as well... as I hear, the grease required to get a bike passed is 10 million bucks, and you wind up with [@#$%&*!] like the DR and kill wires mounted to your kickstands... retarded. Plus.. they know we'll rip that crap off the first night and ride with or without some communist sticker, when ever and nearly where ever we can, especially out here in Cali, where there is no end to the horizon. If anything, Yamaha knows this problem may bring it's own solution, due in part to all us being pissed and that the whores in our gov't want to fix the problem, after all, those are vehicle fees needed to line their pockets... so a couple of years of BS is not necessarily a fight Yamaha needs or wants. Further, if you know your constitutional laws a bit, you know that interstate commerce is fairly protected, in that one state cannot really tariff or legislate legality in another... in little words, go plate the bike in arizona or alaska or montana, where ever the nazi's don't rule, them import the sunnavabitch right if front of the DMV, and make the plating issues their problem, not your's. See, if they refuse to issue CA plates, you keep your old ones. If they forceably sieze them from you, you have a case even jesse jackson would show up at. This is inherant to our country's system, as we are a representitive republic of states, and not just a simple democracy as the libs of the world really desire. I know going outta state is a pain in the ass, but its an option your state cannot de-legalize. Good luck man.
  11. big_G

    California Air Resource Board

    1st of all... for God's sake chaindrive, put a sock in it and go buy a KTM already. If you don't want a Yamaha, guess what, don't buy one. Secondly, CARB is mentally bankrupt. Singling out dirtbikes, not even 1% of the pollution load on the state, is a joke catagorically. Further, some contrived notion that riding Gorman one month, but not another month, somehow helps or enhances the city/state/planet somehow is likewise complete bullcrap. They are the kings of thoughtless policy and the red sticker program is exactly that. Worse, the liberal overrun in California government, headed by chief whore and current govenor Joe "grey" Davis, is also linked hand in hand with the corruption, financially, morally, and even intellectually, that is a landmark of Davis policy and appearantly CA policy overall. CARB is the crown jewel of the socialistic crown in state and the 2 stroke issue in and of itself is a smokescreen and scapegoat to rape and pillage our laws and money. The greensticker program to this day runs a surplus in the millions on paper, but doesn't have a dollar of it, since the real kitty has been raided by the whores running our state. Say, haven't you noticed the changeover to 4 stroke engines has done ZERO to help us, the rider, in the eyes of CARB??? gee.. why is that... could they have an agenda perhaps??? you think??? If I were Yamaha, not only would I NOT buy the permission and grace of CARB and the eco-nazi's et. al., but I would also let Cali and it's riding public dangle in the wind to prove the point, letting that assinine red sticker program screw enough of us until we get pissed off enough to get off our butt to fix something that should have never been broke. Reporting live from the peoples republik of kalifornia, your buddy big_G.
  12. big_G

    Street register a wr 450 & 250 in cali??

    as already said, check the 8th digit, that will tell you if satan (the DMV...) wants you to wear his sticker... now, if the dealer will pull the greenie out and stick it on the bike for you, in front of you AND turn in the DMV paperwork properly for your streetbike then you will be able to get/keep plates for 1 yr (satan catches you at plate renewal time...), for 2 yrs (satan catches you at greenie renewal time...), or maybe somehow, you slip thru the cracks (not something I'd wager $6800 on today...) AND keep your soul otherwise, I'd seek the "other" solution of which I will not disclose publicly... either way, by all means, please post your progress, there are those of us who'd love to do the same '03 with plates, oh yeah...
  13. big_G

    1999 WR400

    Well the feeling is gettin pretty mutual, lemme tell ya... Here are pieces of YOUR OWN posts as seen above... I'm done. Not only can't I tell whether or not you have a grasp on basic engine mechanics, I don't care anymore. If you had a point, I can't tell what that was anymore either... you're all over the map and look lost. You contradict yourself, hijacked this dudes thread while proving nothing. Now his bike still ain't runnin, this work will teach no one how an engine runs, and frankly by trying to help, I think I may have actually lost some IQ points in this process. Further, I wouldn't go challenging other folks, especially fellow engineers, unless you know what your talking about. I've been out of school for like 10 years and even I can remember that the CR of an IC engine is constant, its an air pump, remember??? I guess not. None the less, good luck and good day sir.
  14. big_G

    1999 WR400

    lol at this whole thread... ok i see your issue, you're arguing pressure, not compression, so obviously you can build a case using a pv=pv scenario, but if your wanting to caluclate compression, you're barking up the right formula for the wrong value... if you were to simply assume any value for p, like one, you might see that the delta V is actually the comp ratio... like i said above, 12.5 Vbdc = Vtdc, you see it yet?? also, internal combustion is a process with alot of losses, heat being the biggest as its pumped out of the engine right thru the cylinder wall, so arguing power loss vs. altitude is a futile process for more than one reason. but hopefully by now, you can see that compression ratio is a constant, not a variable in internal combustion, right?!?! u in school or what anyway???
  15. big_G

    1999 WR400

    Actually you are wrong here, I've been tracking milage on my Jeep for 8 years. Not only does my mileage go up on super unleaded, it also goes up when towing. Why this is can be anyones guess, but for sure, the answer doesn't lie in any octane study's that don't include my engine. Further, I indirectly said that increased power can be produced by burning higher octane fuel. Personally, I'm not positive if this could be from the octane directly, or from the fuel just burning a bit cleaner or that the regular gas actually burns with a discrete amount of detonation and the super doesn't, or whatever. Honestly, my point was not to hijack this thread to rediscover the origin of octane vs. horsepower, but fair warning, you're arguing some basics here with an engineer, and I study internal combustion as a personal interest as well. For sure, your analogy of compression ratio and altitude is a valiant, but wrong conclusion. You could take that engine into outer space, with no air, and the volumetric difference inside the cylinder from TDC to BDC will always be the same. If you measure the compressed volume at one, you will find the expanded volume to be 12.5. You could run that engine on air, oil, cookie dough, or whatever, and that engine will still have a 12.5:1 ratio. I don't recommend the oil or cookie dough, but the math is still the same. That make sense?? But once outside the cylinder, most of your assumptions on jetting are appropriate. Well that theory there, I can't make heads nor tails of, you'll have to explain that a bit more. But to get back to your bike problem, you might just want to go thru the accel pump routine describe in detail elsewhere on this site, as that could cause your throttle responce issue. Good luck.