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  1. msev1111

    TXC310 or WR300

    Can't directly compare with the WR 300, sorry. But I just got a TXC310 based on the following: -Wanted 4 stroke -It's for my son, so lightness counts. Thought the KTM 350 XCF-W would be too heavy and too much motorcycle for him. -Felt that the 250 4 strokes (KTM and Husky) would not be quite enough, and would not be able to keep up with him over the next few years. So far, am extremely happy. I can ride this bike with no problem (I'm 230 lbs, but it hauls me just fine). It is super peppy and powerful, more than what I expected. It's super light and handles well. The only thing I've noticed that is "different" for me is the closeness of the gear ratios. This is something I notice when I ride it around the neighborhood for my frequent "test rides", but I don't seem to notice it much on the dirt. My main squeeze is a KTM 500 EXC, but I am developing alotta love for my TXC. I'll keep everyone posted and good luck with your decision.
  2. msev1111

    TXC 310 Fuel Line Leak

    On my son's new TXC 310, we noticed fuel leaking down the right side of the engine. On further inspection, there was a pinhole leak in the fuel line about 1.25 inches away from the petcock on the right side. No indication as to what might have caused it; it was on the engine-ward side of the hose (you have to rotate the hose to see the leak.) Trailside fix was to lop off some of the hose and re-attach, so far no leak, but will be talking to the dealer about a fix (hose is now stretched a bit tighter than i would like). I have seen a couple of issues like this over on KTM talk. Just passing along, not sure if anyone else has had this issue,
  3. Has anyone heard of a lower seat option (w/o shaving it), i.e., aftermarket...not sure what's out there? Thx much.
  4. msev1111

    New Husqvarna owner TXC310

    Thank you very much.
  5. msev1111

    New Husqvarna owner TXC310

    thx very much.
  6. msev1111

    New Husqvarna owner TXC310

    Also, which Cycra handguards did you get? I'd like to get the same if they fit the stock handle bars....thx much.
  7. msev1111

    New Husqvarna owner TXC310

    I just deployed the same bike and am absolutely thrilled with it. I'm used to bigger bikes (my main squeeze is the 500 EXC KTM) but this bike is fantastic and really I'm now appreciating how great a light fast and powerful bike like this can be. This is (mostly) for my son, we took it to an area not far from where we live and it was great. I was surprised at how much power it has pulling out of corners even hauling my fat butt. Looking for a wonderful long term relationship.