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    09 yz450f clutch noise

    i have an 2008 yz450f, clutch has made noise just like yours since the day i bought it, perfectly fine... this was my first four stroke also after 3 two strokes... i was very scepticle of gettin a four stroke caus ei was scared of it blowin shit up... my bike is 100% stock besides sprockets exhaust and intake, and ive not once adjusted anything from the carb to the motor... change the oil keep the filter clean and ride it like you stole it and its bullet proof.. i do agree with riding it like a four stroke tho its much funner, my bike loves being high in rpm's but shift it is right!! braaaap on
  2. CrewChiefB2B

    YZ450F Hard to Start

    i have the same bike w Dr. D full exhaust and a k&n thats all... its got a very distinct personality but i found it out and now it starts within 3 kicks everytime like clockwork... sequence of events is turn gas on, lean bike till it about overflows out carb tubes, twist to full throttle 3 times pretty snappy, choke full out, no hot start lever, and a strong leg to kick it... this works so well for me i make bets it will start first kick for who buys lunch... when cold the thing is most subborn thing ever tho even w eather.. fresh gas couldnt hurt either tho..... braaaap on