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  1. skidd1000

    zongshen 125

    I fixed the clutch problem and here is the result.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8m1UugOZm8
  2. skidd1000

    zongshen 125

    I started it for the first time today. It runs pretty good for not making any adjustments to it yet. There is a problem however, The clutch will not disengage. no mater how far you pull the clutch,when you try to put it in gear it wants to take off. Do the clutch disks stick after sitting for a few years?
  3. skidd1000

    zongshen 125

    Thanks NCC. I do have some pics for you but I do not see a tab for attaching images in this message.Pm me and I can e-mail them to you.
  4. skidd1000

    zongshen 125

    I bought a new 125 zonger model zs154fmi and am installing it on a bar stool racer. My question is I have seen oil coolers on e bay for these but are they any good and what ports on the motor do you hook them up to? Thanks