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  1. jamestodd

    oops please help!!!!

    I have had a bad day was out on my 2004 TE 510 when this big tree jumped out in front of me!!!! honest. Lot of damage the worst being a big crack in my cylinder block it is beyond repair so to the big question where do i get one from n how much is one? tried to tig weld it but it just let water out! It is where you bolt the barrel to the head front end. Keep eyes open for fast moving trees:bonk:
  2. jamestodd

    What did you do to your Husky today?

    sounds like you all having a better day than me hit a tree!! it jumped out in front of me honest! radiator gone the worst bit cracked my cylinder barrel!!! has anybody got one laying around for a 2004 te 510!
  3. jamestodd

    husaqvara te 510 2004 engine overhaul.

    Thanks ricky have checked valves they look like new so will regrind n replace rubbers! I now have the engine in lots of pieces the clanking noise is 6th gear one has lost 5 teeth the other 6th gear is mangled! so been on the phone to motosupplies thanks for the contact again. Great help sorting out parts for me:thumbsup: One member said i would be able to leave the clutch side together doing this gearbox overhaul well let me just say to inspect yes you can but if you need any parts replacing you will have to remove the clutch to take out the gear shafts! As i have said this is my first engine overhaul am enjoying doing it myself with the workshop manual on CD its very easy to follow so to you all get your hands dirty more!!!!
  4. jamestodd

    husaqvara te 510 2004 engine overhaul.

    thanks for the advice has anyone else had problems with valves? If i was to replace them what should they be made off? will get the piston n barrel measured n find out the cost!!!
  5. jamestodd

    aprilia mx125

    friend has now got the mx 125 could anybody tell me standard sprocket size's please!!! it has a 43 on the back at the moment but loses power in top gear!
  6. jamestodd

    husaqvara te 510 2004 engine overhaul.

    Well i am now waiting for a puller to remove timing gear behind the fly wheel! The piston looks kike new the bore looks new! This te 510 has now done 3000 miles didn't smoke or use oil, this is my first engine rebuild bought workshop manual on CD n away i go! its easy to follow if i can do it,a idiot could. Think i will replace rings regrind valves new rubbers that should do for the top end! have i missed anything that up to you? So piston rings how do i know what size to get? Do i just measure the bore how do i know what size the piston is? please help??????
  7. jamestodd

    husaqvara te 510 2004 gearbox

    I have been in touch with motosupplies which was a great help i only need to replace the head gasket the rest a reuseable! They also can supply me with second hand parts too brill i thought!then there is the question reliability i will give that more thought once i know what parts i need! Now i like the idea of not touching clutch n oil pump side is this possible? This is my first bottom end rebuild so its all a bit daunting have got the worshop manual on cd so it should be idiot proof
  8. help required! I recently required a 2004 te510 with 3000 miles on the clock sounded great n ran like a dream untill last weekend! something went clank in my gearbox it still goes into every gear but clanks when power put on! I have started to break engine down am now waiting for flywheel puller to arrive. Thank god for ebay 20 pounds to my door! husqvarna £44 no thanks,anyway as i wait all these question keep springing into my head as to what should i replace n what i can afford! please give me advice on where to start i dont want to be doing the bottom end again soon! If it comes down to money then will sell the wife! Sorry i put similar post somewhere else thanks to the member who pointed this out!!
  9. Hello to you all help required my gearbox started clanking on Saturday, started breakdown today now waiting for flywheel puller to arrive,thank god for ebay £20 husqvarna £44 got to be joking!so i got time to think n my head feels battered! So many questions what to replace as i dont want to be doing it again soon! the motor has done 3000 miles, 245 i managed before it went bang! So the questions out bearing,conrod,piston please help me on my way first engine rebuild so i am unsure.
  10. jamestodd

    aprilia mx125

    a friend has just bought one am concerned for him reliability n service let alone parts n cost so to you all your views please.
  11. jamestodd

    husaqvara te 510 2004 gearbox

    Thanks for trying ricky, i have been in touch with husqvarna uk n have ordered workshop manual on cd so i am now removing engie from bike. THEN ON TO THE BENCH! You have made me happy about my husky only done 12 hours before it went bang! Sold the WRF 450 for the TE 510 liked the look same BHP I FOUND THE TE SMOOTHER N SOLID N DEF LIKED THE COLOUR N GRAPHICS. dont get me wrong the wrf never let me down but the police would not leave me alone noise lots of it!I have got price for complete gaskets from husky £120 to my door that seems alot what do you say? any better get on and find this noise! thanks again! Anybody know where th source full gasket kit please let me know!
  12. jamestodd

    husaqvara te 510 2004 gearbox

    thanks for the contact,I will take engine out tues n start my first full strip down of the engine! im sure i will get there in the end! so what do you think of husqvarna ? had wrf 450 before i love enduro n greenlaning try to find perfect bike fancy crf 450 i think! will see how the big husky does. any suggestions anyone?
  13. jamestodd

    husaqvara te 510 2004 gearbox

    Thanks for your ideas thats better than my knowledge as have never split a gearbox in my life! first time for everything they say. Anyway tried finding a Haynes manual am i just hoping? Do i need any specialist tools, pullers n the such like? Being a new husky owner worried about parts ie finding them!!!!! hopefully husqvarna uk!
  14. Hello to you all help required! I was out greenlaning today on my husky when this horrible noise appeared from the front sprocket area was in top gear. I pulled the clutch in n hit the kill switch,started bike in neutral no noise thought what was that and begun to wonder put into 1st gear moved of 2nd,3rd twisted the throttle noise again! chugged home in 4th took chain of tried to spin front spocket in neutral n it locks up give it a wiggle and it spins for a few revolutions and sticks again. I know thats not right started bike tried all gears goes in fine but horrible clanking noise! So all you helpfull husky owners please can you give me some ideas?