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  1. Any suggestions for a good replacement?
  2. It's in the works just haven't had time to look yet! Any suggestions on a good replacement?
  3. The best thing about it is this paint job was free. A family member owns a auto body shop so everything was painted and dried the right way so it won't crack or peel, but it'll scratch like anything else would. Things must be really over priced there because if I wanted to doit myself I could buy all the supplies I need for fifty bucks or less, whereas a new set of plastics is a hundred or more. I know a lot of people who have had good luck painting, plus it's fun to try it yourself.
  4. Cuz it's a lot more expensive to replace plastics than repaint them.
  5. Painted the plastics and the engine is all tuned up and ready. Just need some warmer weather to get out and ride more!
  6. Thanks for the manual! I got them put on last night and will take a few pictures later today with the new paint job and them.
  7. I thought about getting the seal savers but I wanted to keep the original look of the shock covers but instead of the blue I ordered new black ones. I tried to download that service manual but nothing appeared once I downloaded it all.
  8. Or at least help me with the specs on the order how to tighten the bolts and the torque. I got new black covers coming this week and want to install them this weekend.
  9. Do you know where to find an online manual?
  10. No one?
  11. Do you guys think these side covers would fit a 91 xr250l? They look the same but it says its for a R.
  12. How hard is it to change the front shock covers? I'm not a fan of the original blue ones and would like to change them to black. I have a 91 Honda xr250l.
  13. Any advice on how to tune the engine? Valves and such? I can't bring myself to take it to Honda and let'm do it for $200 bucks.
  14. I think I'm going to tear envy thing off but the engine and a few other things then cover it with aluminum foil and then goto work with spray paint and then clear coat it. I want it to look nice but it is going to get ridden a lot so a few scratches here and there won't make a difference to me personally. Plus I'm working with a cheap budget.
  15. Thanks for the tips, hopefully I can find time and start on it this weekend.