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  1. Dan P

    What is my bike worth......pics

    The BB is a cylinder works....on my local craigs list most stock drz's look terrible in pictures and ask way more than I was asking. I will repost at $2600
  2. What's my bike worth. 2001 E plated with cylinder works big bore, MRD exhaust. New tires tubes wheel bearings seals chain and sprockets with less than 5 miles riding on them. Extra rear rim with rotor, sprocket, new bearings and seals with paddle tire. Taller street sprockets and chain, original exhaust cylinder and piston. Runs great with Michigan motorcycle title. Service manual as well.
  3. Dan P

    Drz 400 died when washing

    It runs! Found the spring collapsed on the air mixture and the screw just about rattled out. Only ran it for a second once I put the carb on but it was acting right!
  4. Dan P

    Drz 400 died when washing

    I was washing my bike with it running when it died. That was weeks ago...now it starts right up with the choke on but dies instantly with choke off and any throttle. Any thoughts? Carb or electrical. Thanks -Dan
  5. I bought the cw kit last year...I have over 1000 miles on it this summer. Not one problem, I highly recommend it.
  6. Dan P

    What modified parts combo works better?

    So what's this all about? I just pulled this from an old thread when searching about jetting. Just adding reference jetting. Same bike as original post with a big bore and a MRD/SSW pipe. Below 5K: 162 main 5-7K: 148 Main >10K: 142 Main
  7. Dan P

    What modified parts combo works better?

    He said I needed to go bigger on the jet size, but I ordered the 155 anyway and I'm glad I did.
  8. Dan P

    What modified parts combo works better?

    Yup the cylinder works + 4mm is installed. The MRD should arrive in a week. I called the dealer and ordered the 155 main jet...the parts fellow said it was the wrong jet for my mods, I ordered it anyways. Was he just mistaken?
  9. Dan P

    What modified parts combo works better?

    Yup found the pilot jet, it was a 45. Would you change that or just the 162 main jet to a 160? 434cc big air box opening, open exhaust running at 600 foot above sea level.
  10. Dan P

    What modified parts combo works better?

    MRD ordered, should be here in a week. Coast enrichener off. I took the float bowl off as well and checked what jets I had. I saw two, 162 and 65. Does that mean anything to anybody?
  11. Dan P

    What modified parts combo works better?

    Cylinder works big bore installed! Engine was out of the bike, but now everything is back together less the carb and exhaust. Now I need to order the MRD and look into removing the coast enrichener from the carb and adding some new jets.
  12. Dan P

    What modified parts combo works better?

    Alright very cool, I plan on the big bore and exhaust. I bet most people take off the coast enrichener off the carb?
  13. I have a 2001 E model with the 3"x 3" air box mod, 39mm accelerator pump carb and stock E cams. The bike runs strong. I would like to change the stock exhaust to a MRD header and silencer. The question is would the MRD + cylinder works big bore and re jetted carb offer more performance than MRD + different cams and re jetted carb with stock displacement? Thanks -Danny
  14. Dan P

    My rebuilt 94 XR250L

    It looks great, did you paint or have it powder coated?
  15. Dan P

    1986 XR 250R Before and after pictures

    Cool, how does the big bore feel compared to stock?