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  1. Ok, so my KTM 250 has a TYC chain on it that the previous owner apparently put on there. So my Grandpa decides to take the chain off to clean it and bends the masterlink. I can't bend it back, so I need a new one. Will like any masterlink work because I can't find anything about TYC masterlinks. Thanks
  2. KTM Rider325

    Is it bad to lift your bike by the muffler?

    cool maybe I'll look into that, because my '09 KTM really doesn't have a good place to grab.
  3. KTM Rider325

    Is it bad to lift your bike by the muffler?

    Ite thanks guys the I've done it a few times but I guess I'll just use the subframe like dirtrider11 said. The reason I thought it was okay is because when I bought it, the guy lifted it off the ground and turned it around towards the door by the silencer Oh wait i just realized I can't pick it up by the subframe because their is a plastic exhuast guard that extend a few inches to the pipe the is connected to the sub, so i guess I'm back to the swingarm or mainframe (kinda hard for me)
  4. When the bike is not hot, is it okay to put in on a stand by lifting it from the silencer instead of the swingarm? It won't cause it to leak or bend will it? Thanks
  5. KTM Rider325

    Need help with diagnosis** 09 250SX

    I have an '09 250sx as well with with the fatty pipe but still have the stock silencer. Have you noticed any notable power increases?
  6. KTM Rider325

    Steam coming out of my radiator

    yea but it was just billowing out like a ciggarette. it doesn't usually do that. And also i added some prestone 50/50 coolant that said it was compatible with all color coolants. I don't know what was in there already, is it okay? And is it worth it using a motorcycle specific oil since your supposed to change it pretty often anyway?
  7. What does it mean if steam is coming out of the right radiator on my dirt bike? I layed it down last week and a lot of coolant came out of the overflow tube so i topped it off just now and when I started it up I noticed steam coming out of it after a few minutes of idle. Why?