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    SM Speedo Drive is WAY off actual speed

    I have a S and my son dumped my bike off a moving trailer at 55 mph. I bought a stock speedo off ebay. After installing it I noticed it only reported 0.8 miles for each mile I drove. I got in the calibration mode and noticed the compensation value was set for 80. I set it to 100 and now my odometer is dead on. I'm assuming who ever had it before me had it on a SM.
  2. I did a goggle search for DRZ blue plastic and the search brought me to the Thumper Talk store:applause: . Kits will include: - front fender (01+ RM style) - rear fender (no taillight) - radiator shrouds - side panels (3 pieces, yes, they'll be blue too) Requirements: Since these kits are being produced specifically for Thumper Talk, please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping. I can't add this item to my cart. Are they still available? I definitely want a set!
  3. dhuber

    Any pics of slightly larger tank?

    look at my avatar IMS 3.2 gallon
  4. dhuber

    Would you buy a 400S again?

    I have the S. I've stripped it down but I would rather have the E and preferably the K.
  5. My battery has lasted 5 years but it finally died so I ordered an after market battery from a generic motor cycle shop. The battery is on back order. The parts guy told me I did not have to pre pay because they add the acid when they sell the battery. I'm still waiting for my battery so I decided to look inside the old one. I took 2 small screw drivers and slowly lifted off the covers. Gas released as the covers came off. There was condensation on the covers but there is no fluid in the battery. When I look inside the battery I see a white substance over the battery plates. Is there suppose to be fluid in the battery? If so can I add water to my old battery. If not I'm wondering if this battery on back order is a wet cell battery being the parts guy told me they add the acid after the battery is sold.
  6. dhuber

    What's suppose to be in the DRZ battery ?

    Its suppose to show up April 5. I ordered it from Capital Motorcycle in Cheyenne. They sell china bikes and have quite a selection of used bikes. I have not paid for it yet but they told me it was around $50. I guess I will give it a try being interstate battery wanted $130 for the YUSA.
  7. dhuber

    Some one is selling a 2002 E on ebay -3 miles

    Agree! The person does says to email him any questions. That would be my first question (where is the bike located and when can I see it). I have two Ebay accounts with a total of 300 transactions. I have 100 percent positive feed back and I've left negative feedback twice. Luckily for items under $20. I've bought 2 motorcycles on ebay. I've also sold two motorcycles on ebay. Anytime your doing a high dollar transaction get as much information as possible before the final transaction. I like to request the persons phone number and give them a call. Another thing I like to have is there work number. Once I have talked to the seller and have phone numbers I go on line and do reverse look ups on the phone numbers given me. The on-line address for the phone number should line up with where the seller said the item is located. Another thing to check is the vin number. Two months ago I bought my son's Katana out of the Denver post unseen. The seller was over 200 miles away from my house. The seller emailed me pictures. I sent the guy a $200 deposit and told him if it's in the condition you say it's in, I'll give you the remainder of the money when I arrive in one week. That was probably the riskiest transaction I've ever made. Although my son and myself are very happy with that purchase. Again I did some homework before I sent him the deposit. Street Legal: If you want a street legal bike and live in California this would not be your bike. However in Wyoming I could make this street legal for $100 and once it was inspected I would remove everything I added except the BAJA Designs tail light. My stripped down S right now is not technically street legal (E headlight and Baja Designs LED Taillight, no mirrors, no horn, no blinkers, no reflectors etc). However it is licensed and insured. I've passed by many police officers and have never been pulled over. The key is to ride mellow on the streets until you get to your off road destination. Again if I lived in the area I would do my home work and if everything checked good, I'd buy it and sell my S!
  8. dhuber

    Some one is selling a 2002 E on ebay -3 miles

    I'd buy it and sell my S right now if that bike was within 500 miles of my house . Look at the chain, tires, plastic and crank covers, I guarantee you the bike has under 100 miles on it! Plus it's a K model! I bought my S with 600 miles on it and it was pres-tine as well. The first time off roading my boots stained both side covers from just rubbing against them.
  9. I check my oil after I ride. I think I've only added oil to my bike one time. That was because is was under filled after an oil change.
  10. dhuber

    Help Me Pick The Best Tires

    I have not found a good dual sport tire. Infact the best dual sport tire is the trailwing IMHO. If your taking the trailwings off, put a non DOT dirt tire back on for off road use. Someone mentioned the M-21 above. I have a set of lightly used M-21's that I'm selling. I did not like them at all.
  11. dhuber

    Making stock "S" exhaust quieter

    My first question is did you buy your bike used? If so has someone modified the exhaust that is making it louder. Check your end cap to make sure it has not been drilled bigger. Take the end cap off and make sure the baffles have not been drilled through. The reason I ask this is because I run an E exhaust on my S. I have two E exhausts that I bought off ebay. One is unmodified and the other I drilled out the end cap and all 3 of the baffles in side the exhaust. It is loud! If you have verified your exhaust is stock unmodified my suggestion is for you to lug your bike through your neighborhood. By lug I mean ride in a high gear and run the engine at a low RPM. Once out of your neighborhood let it Rip. One more note. As loud as my modified E exhaust is it still is not as loud as some of the Harley's I see on the road. I was on my ST 1300 this summer and a Harley came off the on ramp right in front of me. His bike was so loud it felt like someone was beating me in the chest with a baseball bat. I would not modify your stock exhaust to make it quieter. You will loose performance and possibly damage your engine.
  12. You not gonna run out of gas!
  13. I pretty much have what I want. My DRZ and my Honda ST 1300. However my son bought Katana this sumer. That's the first sport bike I've ever ridden and it's a hoot. So I would have to add a sport bike to the list.
  14. dhuber

    DRZ400 E vs XR 400 vs DR 650

    I'm 40 years old and 190 lbs. I have the DRZ S stripped down with a few mods and it's plenty of bike for me. I've never ridden the XR 400, but I've talked to people that have and they say the DRZ is more bike. I have a friend with a KLR 650. I've ridden his bike and it's great if all your gonna do is ride dirt and single track roads. The seat on his 650 is more comfortable and that's about it. IMHO the DRZ is the best off road bike. The DRZ is not a MX racer. There's plenty of bikes that will out perform on the track. When I go trail riding with the guys on there racers they always have someone with a 4 wheeler ATV pack gasoline for them. I have an aftermarket 3.2 gallon tank (which might be smaller than your 650's) and I've never had anyone pack gasoline for me. The power of the DRZ is just perfect for me. Many people that test ride my bike agree. Let me add there is nothing sophisticated about the DRZ. Washing and maintenance has been a breeze. I bought my bike with 600 miles on it. It now has 8000 miles on it and it has never broke down. The only time I work on it is for preventive maintenance or after market modifications. Good Luck!
  15. dhuber

    which oil to use if....

    I currently run Rotella in my company power stroke, my son's Katana, my DRZ, and Rotella Syn in my ST 1300. If you don't like Rotella I'm sure Delvac or Super Tech diesel oils sold at Wal Mart would work just fine.
  16. dhuber

    gold .vs. regular chain

    I'm wondering the same thing being I have 6000 miles on my DRZ 400 stock non gold, 520 O-Ring chain. It is just now showing slight signs of stretch. I've never had a chain perform this good. Again it's the non gold chain. I think the key is keep it clean and lubed.
  17. dhuber

    dual sport kit

    I dual sported my 225 for about $150. First of all the 225 has plenty of juice off the stator so that does not need to be upgraded. Taillight $50, check Yamaha dealer (looks like TTR 250 taillight but has brake light fits perfectly in fender cut out). Head light $30-$70 search ebay (dual sport, acerbis, ufo, etc). Handle bar switch control $10 - $25 ebay (Any dual sport model controller will work). Foot Brake Switch $5 - $15 ebay (almost any older brake switch will work, or new after market brake switch). I drilled a small hole in foot brake. Attached a spring from a 1975 honda xl 125 from foot brake to brake switch. Horn $5 - $15 ebay. Home made bracket for license plate. Splice into the brown wire for your +13.8 volts. People that arn't familar with the 225 think my lighting is OEM.
  18. dhuber

    Need a TTR 225 Carburetor.

    I think every 225 owner needs a caburator. I don't know of any after market carbs for the 225. However I would watch ebay I see them from time to time there.
  19. dhuber

    TTR225, TTR230, TTR250 Which one?

    I can't speak for the 230, but it can't be much better than the 225. The 225 is good for non aggresive trial riding and riding in tight spots. I bought a 225 a year ago for my 15 year old son and would never buy the 225 or a 230 again. The 225 is heavy, gutless, poor suspension, need I go on. The plus side is the 225 is cheap and easy to dual sport.
  20. dhuber

    TT-R 225 and TT-R 230 mods thread.

    If these are the fat tire bikes, I know a couple of different people that ranch and farm and like them for chasing and rounding up cattle in the pasture. However I've been told they have wobble when driving 55 mph on dirt / gravel roads. I know a lady that lost control due to the wobble on her TW on a gravel road and broke her arm.
  21. I put my battery in my bike for the first time this year and was surprised it was still working. I take it out before every winter and put a battery maintained on it once a month for 24 hrs when the battery is in storage. I never thought this battery would last this long. How long do these batteries typically last?
  22. My son's 2001 TTR 225 seems to burn a lot of oil. I bought it used a year ago and by the looks of the air filter it was never cleaned. I'm guessing the rings are shot. I feel confident I can take the head and cylinder off myself. However I don't want to do any of the machine work. Is there a company I can mail the head and cylinder to that will do the machine work? Will they then mail it back to me and say we bored the cylinder to this size use xyz size rings?
  23. dhuber

    ttr 225 ttr225 burning oil?

    I bought my son a TTR 225 early this year. I've noticed I have to add about half a cup of oil after each tank of gas. I have not tested the compression yet. I'm just wondering if the 225's normally burn a lot of oil or do I need to replace the rings?
  24. dhuber

    off road air pressure in deathwings

    I no longer have trail wings on my bike. I think I ran around 18 - 20 psi. The only time I had a problem with the trailwings was in sand and mud. There were a few hills I could not climb and descending down a steep hill can be scary on the trail wings. You not going to compete on a track with a trailwing either. I think I have Pirelli MT 21's on my bike now. The rear MT 21 is not bad but I've had scarier experiences with the front MT 21 than I ever had with trailwings. I will buy trailwings again. I will never buy a front MT 21 again.
  25. dhuber

    DRZ400 vs. XR400

    I'd ride both if you can. I have never rode an XR, but I would like to. I'm sure my DRZ has more power, but the XR has to be lighter. I bought my DRZ used with 600 miles on it. The seller told me he rode the XR and the DRZ. He said the DRZ felt much better. What ever that means.