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    Local shops opinion on CV carb

    Before the DJ my carb had hesitation and occasional bog. It's not a FCR. But I don't notice any hesitation or bog now with the DJ. I haven't been able to get up high since the DJ install, but I may go with the 130 main jet. Much thanks to Burned and Jesse at Keintech!
  2. dhuber

    Trail Wings ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a little over 2000 miles on mine. They wear great! I like them on anything including off road. The only problem I have is when I get in sand or mud. I have a brand new pair of Perelli M21's to put on but I think I will get another 1000 miles on the DW's easily.
  3. dhuber

    05 drzs'

    My number one vote is 6th gear. That would be awesome. #2 would be to make it lighter. Maybe aluminum frame.
  4. dhuber

    Fuel Tanks... IMS or any other

    Buy which ever one is cheaper. They both work I have the blue IMS 3.2. Anything bigger than 3.2 IMHO is a waste because your butt can't handle riding more than 100 miles on a DRZ. Just communiting to work I hit reserve at 160 miles. at that point I have .3 gallons of gas in the tank.
  5. Sounds like your jetting is too lean. I cut the 3x3 in my air box without rejetting and my bike was just slightly jerky cruising at 55 mph. I put in the DJ kit and the problem is gone . My DJ instructions mention that as a general rule if your having trouble when not asking for horse power you are too lean. Trouble when asking for horse power your too rich.
  6. dhuber

    XR650L or DRZ400S

  7. dhuber

    Pearl Pass Colorado OPEN (Kinda) pics!!!!

    Looks like fun. I like the pick with the person bent over the blue DRZ. Looks like "O C^@P" I've had enough already.
  8. I won't touch the end cap. If I do anything I will cut the baffles out of the muffler. That is where the restriction is. Take the end cap off and shine a flashlight up the muffler. Major congestion . I'm debating doing this because I have a feeling it will make the bike extemely load. I think Burned mentioned once that even taking the baffles out won't help the S much because most of the restriction is due to the small diameter header.
  9. dhuber


    I'm not the expert. But with small batteries you want to charge them with as low current as possible. I would not go higher than 2 amps.
  10. dhuber

    Metal fragments in oil screen!

    Wow! I'm gonna have to look for this screen. I have never seen it?
  11. dhuber

    Cleaning the chain

    Can someone explain this to me? My owners manual says to use kerosine. I use WD-40 because of it's price and accessability. 1 How do you know the WD-40 is getting through? 2 If WD-40 is getting through what will stop kerosine from getting through the seals?
  12. dhuber

    Dyno Jet install.

    The hardest thing for me was getting the carburetor off and on the bike. Be carful when taking the top cover off the carburetor. There is a tiny o-ring, don't loose it. I think it's call a dead space oring because that's what it does it fills a dead space. Anyway it's easy to loose.
  13. dhuber

    Kick start install help Please

    Can you say Mr_Cob? Check this out http://mr-cob.smugmug.com/gallery/136763. It's people like Mr_Cob that make this forum what it is .
  14. dhuber

    Why cant i use car or truck synthetic oil ??

    I Kreemed my XL 125 that had been setting unused for 20 years. The tank was rusted bad! The Kreem came with three different chemicals. Acid, Primer & Tank Liner. It seemed to work! But I agree with Burned. No way would I put it in a good tank . I filled my stock tank with oil and put it on the shelf.
  15. dhuber


    That makes me so mad . I've been to two different Suzuki dealers in Wyoming and as far as I can tell they are a bunch of bozo's. I guess that's what makes this forum a valuable tool.
  16. dhuber

    Can this hold DRZ400 on car ?

    My dad used to take my XR75 on the car carrier when I was a kid. A big bike like a DRZ would make a car handle like crap hanging over the back . It would probably work on a SUV. As for trailers it only makes sense to have bigger wheels and tires on a trailer. Less revolutions on the rear tires less heat on the bearings.
  17. I just put the dyno jet kit in my carb. I'm at the very last step. I pulled out the old fuel screw and the spring, o-ring and washer went flying . I found the pieces. The install procedure only mentions a fuel screw and o-ring. It seems I found a washer o-ring and spring. What order do I put these on the fuel screw before I put the fuel screw in. I'm assuming spring, washer, and lastly the o-ring on the fuel screw and then screw the fuel screw into the carb?
  18. dhuber

    What is a mullet?

    I always thought it was a Canadian thing. Oh Canada... I apologize now if I offended any of our good friends to the north.
  19. dhuber

    Fuel Tanks... IMS or any other

    I have the blue IMS 3.2. I was not impressed with the fit when I first put it on. My radiator shrouds holes where off about an inch where they fit to the radiator. My tank was kind of cocked to the right so my petcock was real close to the engine cylinder. The shrouds are plastic so I gave them a slight bend and put my screws in to the radiator bracket. The tank must of slipped into place after a couple rides because it's lined up now. I like the 3.2 size. My butt goes numb before I can run it out of gas. I'm sure my 3.2 holds slightly more than 3.2 because I've driven my bike up to the pump and put in exactly 3.2 gallons. When you hit reserve with the IMS 3.2 you have about .3 gallons of gas in the tank so you better find gas fast. I use my odometer to gauge my gas. My record is 175 miles before hitting reserve. However my bike is way lean right now. I'm waiting for my DJ kit so I can rejet. I can't say good or bad about this tank. Now that its fitting right I'm glad I got it.
  20. dhuber

    Any reason NOT to do this?

    As long as your chain has enouph length there should be no problem.
  21. dhuber

    kickstand switch bypass?

    When I took my switch off I took an ohm meter to it and noticed the diode. Everybody else on TT was taking them off and just shorting the wire together with no problems so that's what I did. I've had no problems
  22. I live in Wheatland, WY 4800'. I bought my completely stock S used from a guy who lives in Casper, WY 5100'. He bought it new in Casper so I'm assuming it was jetted for that elevation. A few weeks ago I was out riding heading up in the hills. I must of hit about 6500' and the bike started to sputter and miss when I would open up the throttle. I went home and didn't have any jets so I figured I would cut the 3x3 in the top of the air box. Wow! my acceleration is day and night compared to what it was. I headed up in the hills and made it to about 7000' before it started to rain and I headed back down. The bike didn't miss a beat, ran awesome! The only thing I've noticed is the bike seems a little jittery when cruising a steady 55 mph. My guess is the pilot jet is a little too lean. Acceleration at open throttle is awesome. I think I'm leaving the main jet alone. My question is about people adding the Dyno Jet Kit Needle. Are they seeing improvement from the needle or from the 3x3 opening? My guess is most of it is from the opening. Dyna Jet Kit owners speak up, because the way my bike is running now I couldn't be happier except with the FCR.
  23. If I stay with the stock needle do I need to put a bigger pilot jet in along with the 134 main ? Or am I better of with the Dyno mods? Thanks!
  24. dhuber

    I couldn't make the hill

    You know your not the first one to say this. I was at a race with my cousins and friends years ago. We were at the starting gate and I think there were like 25 bikes in the starting gate. Instead of splitting the class up they had us overlap our handle bars at the gate. I got a terrible start and was toward the back of the pack. It was so dusty I could not see a thing, we hit the whoops I landed wrong and went over the handle bars. Well I got back on my bike and caught back up with a group of bikes but I was still in last place at the checkered flag. Well come to find out there was a girl riding in that class that day. All day my cousins wife said "you let a girl beat you". Non of my male buddies said a word I think they were feeling my pain.