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    2002 TTR 125L won't idle

    I keep reading about changing this jet so I am going to. I'd like to replace all O rings while I'm in there, is there such a thing as a carb rebuild kit or do I have to buy each piece individually? Thanks,
  2. zeke392

    2002 TTR 125L won't idle

    We have owned this bike for several years and it has always been a little tough to start but once running, it run great. The bike has sat for over 1 year without being run and it would not start. I removed the carb and it was terrible gummed up. I cleaned it as best I could, cleaned out all ports and passages, and ultra sonic cleaned it too. The main jet fuel port was so clogged, I had to use a small drill bit by hand to clean it out. I put it back together and it will run, but not idle. I have had 2 different friends take the carb apart and they can't find anything wrong. I got it back together again, and it runs, but the only way I can get it to idle is to turn the air screw all the way in. I really can't tell if it's running good like this but it does run and barely idle. It seems to me that it's either getting too much air or not enough fuel? While it is running I have sprayed starting fluid all around the carb and air boots and it doesn't seem to be sucking air anywhere. I have also checked all vent hoses, over flows and the air box for any issues and found none. The petcock is clean and the fuel is flowing freely into the carb. I am frustrated with this issue, I really feel like I have done everything I can. The only thing that I can think of is that there is still a fuel port clogged that I have not found/seen. I appreciate any help that you may have. Thank you,