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  1. Hey, Just bought my very fist motorcycle, an 85 Yamaha xt 350. It has 14,000 miles, starts, and runs fine by my limited opinion. I have the Clymer manual and am pretty mechanically savvy, but have little experience with small engines and motorcycles. So far I've tackled the oil change, brake bleed, and other minor maintenance. Here is my question. What are some of the typical maintenance procedures I should take on next? What should I keep my eye on? How do I know if my engine needs to be tuned up or needs maintenance? Thanks a ton, O_thomasy
  2. Hey, I just got an '85 Yamaha XT and have some aspirations to do some short, overnight tours. It doesn't have any type of rack on it, so I am hoping to build one. I am interested in seeing some pictures or ideas of other racks you all have built to carry panniers, but also any type or all purpose racks. Lay it on me. Thanks, O_thomasy