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    Well This Just Sucks, bad back

    Slight damage to disc in lower back has had me off work since before Olympics. Muscles compensating pressed on nerve which had me in a fair amount of pain. I drive a gas truck delivering medical,welding and pub gases. Twisting and lifting caused my damage. Osteo says my disc will definitely heal. Time. Anti-Inflammatory relieved the pressure. Still couldn't properly sit on the loo for the first 3 weeks. Couldn't walk far. Definitely couldn't ride. Now some 6 weeks later things are a lot better. The way it felt I wouldn't have believed it. From what I've read I can only imagine what some of you guys have to go through. My wife had sciatica for months with an operation scheduled. Walking, somehow repositioned her vertebrae relieving all pain. Unbelievable! No operation. All the best T B DRZ