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  1. Looking up the wheel that you referred too seller states "The aluminum 17" x 1.40" Takasago rim spins with a flat spot/dent and a wobble. There is a 1/4" long hairline crack at the flat spot"
  2. The front tire is a Pirelli MXMS Soft to Mid size 90/100-16 which is also meant to act as a front tire according to Pirelli. I did look in to the Cheng Shin c755 which would be a 2.50-16 relates to an 80/100-16 difference in width of 1/4" or 1/8" on each side of the tire. When I compared tread patterns they looked almost Identical. I thought about switching front ends but just didn't want to spend the money. The wheel you found probably would have been a good idea but I think this will work for now. Its similar to my TW200 in my opinion it makes the steering on this KDX80 better, when I took it out last night its turned easier and didn't flop around like it was before. But we are riding farm fields and dirt roads not tracks. I have included the Pirelli and the Cheng Shin Below I thought they were very similar. The Pirelli is on the left and the Cheng Shin C755 is on the right. Again the width difference is 0.25" total.
  3. Yes it is, the front tire was a 70/100-16 and I couldnt find anything so I found that tire in a 90/100-16. It is beefey. As for the clutch issue found a cupped clutch plate in the clutch basket. Now to find one of those in stock somewhere locally.
  4. I worked the cable it moves freely, its just a hard pull on the clutch I will have to look and see if i assembled something wrong. I believe its all correct in the parts diagram I see a washer between the clutch pusher and bearing. It states as required but I don't not have one and cant seam to find any explanation in the manual why you would need one. Cable moves freely while disconnected, however it seams to have some memory so i will replace it. Clutch on this KDX is 2-3 times harder to pull and hold then our ttr-125's and even my ttr-250.
  5. Ok so its coming along good, One question, I put the clutch perch and cable on and boy is that a hard pull. I know it was stiff before but what can be done. I ordered a new cable and perch to see if that would help, but is there anything else I can do?
  6. This is some good information, I am learning a lot. We have made a little more progress. Located side plastics NOS. New Tires Tubes Bearings. Front fender looks ok but the rear fender is bad. Now to locate one looks very similar to the 82-85 KX80, Fender will pop up sooner or later i'm sure. I will not worry about the muffler then since there is no packing the spark arrester is still in it. Cleaned up the piston rings look like new de-glazed the cylinder. Replaced clutch plates and a couple oil seals. Shift shaft seal was leaking pretty bad. I think its coming along pretty well. A new pic below.
  7. Did the Silencer have any packing in it? I would like to pack the muffler but its welded both ends and would have to be cut open and re welded. Any Opinions?
  8. I found a KDX80, My nieses and nephews are comming up at the end of June and our TTr 125's are a little to large. My goal was to not spend a whole bunch. (so much for that) I paid 270 for the KDX and it ran fine clutch slipped a little. Parts ordered Tires Tubes Reeds clutch disk front bearings rear bearings swing arm bearings new fork dust caps gasket set spark plug Chain Still Need Air box ( Smacaroni is helping me with this) Rear fender Both side plastics. Rear brake rod Complete so far Frame painted Lime green Swingarm painted silver Fork seals are good replaced fork oil Lots of cleaning Looking good Questions Should I repack the muffler (welded on both ends) Anyone know where i can find side plastics? Anythign else I should be looking for General Info Frame has no vin number on it Found Kawasaki part number sticker I believe the frame has been replaced I will Post More Pics if you are interested! Thanks
  9. In case anyone else needs it it is M35 x 1.5
  10. I destroyed the oil plug getting it out and now have two threads messed up in the case does anyone know the size tap to clean these threads up? Thanks