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  1. I've got an 07 WR250F that I've owned since new and with which I am absolutely thrilled. I've done all the mods and it's been as reliable as a hammer, fun to ride, and the only time I would have liked a little more power was when I was at Ocotillo Wells. Most of my riding is single track, technical and hill climbs, so the 250's nimble nature suits me very well. I installed Acerbis Rally Pro hand guards on it when it was new and while they've served me well (I've crashed it a hundred times on hill climbs) I've never been thrilled with the way they fit. The bracket on the throttle side interferes with the clutch MC in a way that you can't really get the guard properly adjusted so that it's in front of the brake lever. They've been bent and re-bent so many times that it's getting to be time to replace them. Has anyone found another brand (Cycra, etc.) that works better on the WR? -tj in Los Gatos