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  1. phatgee

    Lets See Pics Of Your White DRZs

    factory graphics
  2. phatgee

    Go All In or Cut Bait

    sounds to me you guys need a treadmill???? I have a 2009 sm and it's great for me plain stock. Just kidding guys love my drz though.
  3. Just got insurance last week for brand new 2009 sm for $143.00 a year.State Farm, 500 collision 100 comp. Didn't think that was bad at all.
  4. phatgee

    Looking for pics of black and white bikes...

    That's a good lookin bike. Thats my favorite number also.
  5. phatgee

    Theft prevention???

    Are any of you riders out there worried about your bike being stolen? What are you doing to protect your bike? Not an sm owner yet, still lookin. Hopfully things will pan out for me tomorrow. Thanks alot..
  6. Sharp bike. That looks real nice. Great price also. Let the modding begin!!
  7. phatgee

    2009 drz400sm

    I would like to trade my 1988 Honda trx 250r for it. It's in pretty great shape for the year but who knows????
  8. phatgee

    2009 drz400sm

    I had a quote from action powersports in wisconsin for 5106 otd what do you think??? .
  9. phatgee

    2009 drz400sm

    nothing on there but i'll keep checking. Thanks..
  10. phatgee

    2009 drz400sm

    lookin for a new drz400sm in illinois or surrounding states.. what say you.