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  1. lonzyg

    96 rm 125 mystery will not idle

    looked on ebay for a used cylinder, but not much luck. Anyone know some place else to look?
  2. lonzyg

    96 rm 125 mystery will not idle

    Ok, so I got a bad sleeve job... Anybody got a used cylinder they want to sell? I was told that MAYBE mine could be resleeved and a spacer put under the lip of the new sleeve, but this sleeve worries me now if it will ever be right. Anyone got any suggestions? Really bummed out.... should have been ride with a smile by now... Thanks
  3. lonzyg

    96 rm 125 mystery will not idle

    What should a fresh stock sleeve compression be before rings seat? Mech. I ask say around 120-125 till rings seat then it should jump to 150+. Does this sound right?
  4. lonzyg

    96 rm 125 mystery will not idle

    well heres what I have found. The sleeve job was a bad job. The new sleeve dropped in the cylinder, almost as much as the o-ring is thick. I am not getting any water in the engine that I can tell, but I am guessing this is why my compression is not right and all my other problems following each other. Does anyone think this may not be as big a deal as I am thinking it is? Never seen one drop, most I have seen are always flush with top.
  5. lonzyg

    96 rm 125 mystery will not idle

    I dont know if it was fouling plugs or not. I bought it needing a top end. It is also hard to start. It takes starter fluid to get it going. After that I can get it to start as long as it is warmed up. It was the stock jets and I am in SC. Everything is stock, sleeve, piston and rings.
  6. Hi everyone, New to the forum. Have enjoyed looking through all the threads. Here's my issue. Rebuilt a much needed top end. However, it will not idle. Carb has been cleaned. Even broke open bottom end and replaced crank bearings. (one was roaring). After all back together, still will not idle. Any adjustments to carb has no effect. Reeds look good. After top end was done, I am only getting 110-115 psi compression. I mean this should not be rocket science. When I ride it, trying to seat the rings it just starts to bog and has no real go. I have ask everyone near me and no one knows. Any help would be great. Oh, top end was a new sleeve and pistons kit.