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  1. Your right, since I removed the clutch switch It slipped my mind,
  2. Its a 2001 DRZ 400s, from ignition switch to the relay it is yellow with a green runner, from the relay to the 2 pin connector (excite wire?) is yellow with a black runner.
  3. What do you think, can I just connect the wires and put an inline fuse in? bypassing the relay.
  4. just found the transition, its some type of relay? it has 7 prongs and says "Denso FE249JR", Whats is it? We checked the continuity from the switch to the relay and from the relay to the 2 connector next to the solenoid and the wires are fine. So can I just connect the wires, there must be a reason it goes into a relay?
  5. I have a break between the ignition switch and the 2 wire connecter on the ignition relay. The wire in the front of the bike is yellow with a green runner and the wire on the connector is yellow with a black runner. Does anyone know where the transition is made? can I just run my own wire from the switch to the connector? btw I already checked the clutch switch and its fine beyond that point. Thanks Danny
  6. Thank you, that is very kind. I went ahead and bought a used box on ebay yesterday, I decided to keep the post up for others to use in the future. But again thanks for the offer!
  7. So I broke the plastic ring inside the drive hub, where the metal toggles meet the gear. I need to fix it but am about to sell it so I don't want to sink a lot of money into it. I saw some older DR drive hubs on ebay which seem to be the same design and size, does anyone know if they would fit my 2001 400s?
  8. So I finally got around to working on the bike again and connected the two terminals on the starter relay and the bike fired up. So what are my options now? Can I just put a switch on those terminals should I get a new relay, (and from where?), can I just fix it?
  9. I'm picking up a multimeter later, what should I test? other than the actual ignition switch.
  10. I started my bike up and rode about three miles. turned it off via the key returned 20 minutes later inserted the key, turned it on, dash and neutral light turned on. I pressed the yellow ignition button, and nothing. Not even a sound. I fiddled with it for a while and still nothing, so I bump started it and it fired right up no problem. Rode it home and here is what I have checked so far: Keep in mind I don't have a working voltmeter Clutch switch mod, still looks good I spilled brake fluid on the ignition assembly yesterday so I tore that apart and everything looked ok, I even sanded the contacts just to be safe. Checked the kick stand safety switch and apparently the last owner disabled it, he must have jumped the wires somewhere. I checked the one fuse above the battery and it was fine. I have no idea, anyone????????
  11. sounds like Im getting more oil... are they both mentioned in the manual and I just missed that line or something???
  12. It was warm and only the one in the back.........
  13. I followed the manual, step by step and When I drained the oil for the first time on this new (to me) bike only 500 ml came out, maybe less. Thinking I avoided a time bomb I shook the bike around to get any extra oil out buttoned her up and filled her up, Ran her for 3 minutes waited 2 minutes checked the oil and it was almost completely up the dipstick! So I ran her again, checked it again and the same, So I oped the drain plug, dumped some out, checked oil level did this about three times, The last time I just left the bolt out and waited until no more oil came out, I buttoned it up and drove it back to my parking spot, and checked it one last time and it was a little above the full indicator. The math, ~500 ml came out originally, burnt dark oil added 2 liters, 10w-40 Valvoline, a clean amber oil removed another 1.5 liters while trying to get the level to drop, a mix of the two colors. what happened? Ive changed oil before on other bikes and cars, and it was like clock work.
  14. is there supposed to be a hole in the left side of the frame, right by the coolant reservoir, its about the diameter a self-tapping screw would leave, I only ask because doesn't the oil sit in the frame? I dont want water/dirt to get in there.
  15. is there a difference between the s and sm carb. wise? I have an fmf pipe going to do the 3x3 mod and think the stage 2 would be better. SM stage 1 and 2 S stage 1