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    Classic 250vrs300 but with a twist

    I ride a Sherco 290 trials bike and understand the traction advantage of those tires in most terrains, specially rocky and wet, but definitely not on mud (even on the very-light Sherco) which is part of what we get here. The other thing I am guessing I might not like is for the faster parts of the trails as I'm guessing the very flexible nature of trials tires might feel awkward and dangerous. Still, this dry season I will try one out and see. Karl, so you come to CR to ride sometimes?
  2. helienduro

    Classic 250vrs300 but with a twist

    I'm intrigued by the 250's because of what people say about them: lighter feeling, more flickable, won't overheat as the 300's do sometimes. I installed a fan on my '09 XC-W 300 and solved that, but for my next bike I want the lightest and least vulnerable machine: no lights, no E-starter, FI, fan, etc. I know this is a KTM forum, but posted here because there are many more KTM's than GG's and the core of my question is which bike (250 or 300) works best with a Rekluse EXP. I never used one but the idea of a light bike that will not stall (therefore no need for E-start) that maybe will end up with LHRB only is very attractive. I imagine it as a fast-flowing, very agile, forgiving and fun to be on-the-pipe rocket.
  3. I'm sure this question has been posted many times, but I want to add an angle to it: which bike is best, the 250 or the 300 with a Rekluse EXP on it? They say the 250 is lighter-feeling and snappier and I know for a fact the 300 has incredible low-end grunt, but never had a chance to compare them and NEVER rode any of them with a Rekluse. I'm 6'3" 210lb, quite fast, reasonably fit and ride mostly tight, technical, rooty, rocky, narrow, steep and very slippery trails (it rains a LOT here in Costa Rica). I'm looking at getting a 2012 GasGas and need advice, so thanks a lot for your help. Pura Vida to all.