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  1. baseacegoku

    F/s crf450r

    wait, I went through the steps in the classified sections to post this. If It isnt in the classifieds then I dont know why.
  2. baseacegoku

    F/s crf450r

  3. baseacegoku

    F/s crf450r

    what are you talking about? Have I violated a rule?
  4. baseacegoku

    F/s crf450r

  5. baseacegoku

    I need to replace my rear fender?

    I actually am not taking it "up the ass" as you put it. I am just not used to people putting me on blast for asking a question. I have been in the muscle car scene for years and have always had great support from those guys with even the most simple things. So that is what I assumed I would get here, but apparently it is to hard to not rip on someone for not knowing about bike. Its all good, if the "BROS'' wanna put me down for asking a harmless question then let them that doesn't reflect on me at all. As I stated my old habits of trying to find a write up on something before I do it took over before I even really looked at the bike. I have my process of doing things just as I would assume everyone else does.
  6. baseacegoku

    I need to replace my rear fender?

    thank you for the advice. I should have looked at the bike first but as I am used to working on cars my old habits took over. However if this is how people in this hobby treat someone asking an honest, albeit apparently silly, question then I am not sure I want anything to do with the hobby.
  7. baseacegoku

    I need to replace my rear fender?

    Ok guys my bad. I literally have never owned a dirtbike in my life and the first thing I do before I work on anything is try to have a layout or write-up. Im sorry I didnt realize how stupidly easy it is to remove this damn thing.
  8. I have never done it before. does anyone have any tips or maybe a write up on how to do it?
  9. baseacegoku

    New to CRF450r's

    I enjoy quads however I know I like street bikes as I have had one before. thank you for your advice though.
  10. baseacegoku

    California F/s crf450r

    So I recently came across this bike as a trade for a car I had, I thought I would enjoy riding a dirt bike but have decided that my love is actually on the street and want to get a street bike. I do not know a lot about the bike because I have only had it for a few months. The previous owner was a friend of mine who told me the bike recently had the motor rebuilt and It starts on the 1-3 try so from what I have read it actually works like he says it should. I will get pics up for it as soon as I have a chance. From what I have been told the bike has a hinson clutch and a modified seat. I want to get $2500 for this bike. It is an '04 model and I know it rides real nice as I have a nice track by my place. If you have any other questions feel free to call or text me at (951) 7 0 4 - 5 0 4 8
  11. baseacegoku

    New to CRF450r's

    I just recently aquired my CRF450r and I don't know how much I like my bike. I am considering getting rid of it for a street bike and was hoping to get tips and pointers on selling points on these bikes.