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    2003 rm 125 jetting

    I have an 03 rm 125, with the stock main jet (460) it burned holes in 2 pistons in 2 weeks, so I put a 490 in it, oil the filter heavily and riched up the needle clip one position and it runs real bad obviously, but with the stock jets what could be burning the holes in the pistons? could it have an air leak?(it starts first kick) I am at sea level, and am running motul 800 at 32:1, also the carb leaks gas out the overflows when gas valve is on... I am also running forged wieseco dome top pistons. the first 2 pistons only lasted about 30 mins each (brand new) the new one I put in it has lasted a few hours so far running it very rich... any ideas of why this bikes running this odd? should I go back to stock main? thanks for any tips, or suggestions!
  2. 89rmx250

    Nebraska 89 rm 250, any help?

    hello just rebuilt my rm 250 all through main bearings and seals, crankshaft, wiesco, and gaskets all around and everything was torqued to spec. my problem is that when I put gear oil in it full it somehow seeps into where the crankshaft is and blows the gear oil out the tailpipe! its horrible:banghead: I also used gasket sealant on the crankcase gasket... any suggestions???