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  1. 33 Ponies

    Reccomedation for a GPS unit

    Mind SnowMule's advice about the durability issue. I had the 60csx and really liked it. Used the garmin handlebar mount until what seemed like a very mellow little tipover into tall brush ripped the antenna right off of the unit. Man, that was expensive. My next GPS will NOT have an external antenna. If it had occurred to me just how vulnerable the antenna is I would have cut a recess in a block of fairly stiff foam and mounted the unit in that. That almost certainly would have provided enough protection for years of use.
  2. One thing to consider is crash worthiness. I've been using a Garmin 60csx for several years. I loved it. Recently I tipped off the trail into some brush on the downhill side. A very mild event that left me kind of suspended on a bed of brush. I struggled out from under the bike and lifted it back up. A short distance down the trail I noticed the GPS was missing. I went back and found it in the brush with the antenna almost ripped off. Now I'll admit that I hadn't really done anything to protect it. It was just there on top of the bars in the Garmin mount, but I was kind of surprised at the damage. Next time I'll get a GPS without an external antenna. It's definitely vulnerable in a crash.
  3. I would think that triple clamp offset might be the most important factor there.
  4. http://s1249.photobu...=petcock001.jpg See the short section directly above the O-ring. This is hard plastic (nylon?) and seems to be slightly larger than the hole it has to seat in on the Clarke tank. I'll measure carefully then probably drill out the hole in the tank to fit. That seems to be the only mounting problem. http://s1249.photobu...Dcrf230f004.jpg The tank doesn't seem to be wide at all. When I sit on the bike it seems perfectly comfortable. The tank does not interfere with my riding position in any way. http://s1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh510/larrykday/?action=view&current=crf230f004.jpg#!oZZ2QQcurrentZZhttp%3A%2F%2Fs1249.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fhh510%2Flarrykday%2F%3Faction%3Dview%26current%3Dcrf230f011.jpg The tank seems to extend forward of the stock tank and does interfere a very small bit with steering lock, a few degrees on the left and almost none to the right. Overall quality seems to be quite good. I think I'll be very happy with the tank. If the profile of the seat on the bike looks a bit odd it's because I had the seat foam shaved down, doesn't seem to change the comfort of the seat much but makes it a lot easier to negotiate extremely tight switchbacks because I can now put my feet on the ground when I have to. The trade-off is that it does create a more cramped riding position when seated. That's OK, it just encourages me to stand more.
  5. Sorry gang, the tank's on the bike and I tried to post photos from photobucket but had no luck. I'll be happy to email the photos to someone that knows how to post them. Thanks, Larry
  6. Thanks! I'll give it a try. I'll see if I can accomplish something tonight after work.
  7. I've looked around the website and can find nothing about posting pictures. But I've noticed there's a Thumper Talk Facebook page. What if I post pictures there and provide a link? Is there a better way to post pictures that's simple? Thanks.
  8. The tank has been delivered to my house, but I'm at work. I've never posted pictures to this site before but I'll see if I can figure out how to do it.
  9. I ordered a "natural" tank the day I saw this thread. It's scheduled for delivery tomorrow.
  10. 33 Ponies

    Question about Geomax mx71 tires

    Here's a review that a friend of mine wrote. Check out the ride he calls The Tour of Idaho (T1). This is a real dirt bike ride, not a dual sport kind of thing, that is nearly 1,400 miles long in the mountains of Idaho that runs from the Utah to Canadian borders. http://motorcyclejazz.com/dunlop_geomax_mx71.htm
  11. 33 Ponies

    exhaust plugs

    I've been using a whittled down cork from a wine bottle. Not very fancy but I've got a pretty good supply of 'em.
  12. 33 Ponies

    Pipestone report

    The Pipestone/Delmo Lake area is east of Butte and west of Whitehall between I-90 exits 233 & 241 with most trails on the north side of the interstate. Four Corners is a popular staging area. Trails below Four Corners are often clear of snow by now, with trails closer to the continental divide clearing later. It is a fantastic riding area with many miles of trails. Surfaces are generally decomposed granite.
  13. 33 Ponies

    Rekluse EXP Riding Technique

    As others have suggested it certainly sounds like your bike has a carburetor problem. Runs great on the flats, gutless uphill. A previous poster suggested you check the float level. That sounds right to me.
  14. 33 Ponies

    Land Closure at American Falls

    Here's a link to the announcement: http://www.facebook....00084256764822/ Here's a link to an editorial in the Idaho State Journal: http://www.pocatelloshops.com/new_blogs/politics/?p=8849
  15. 33 Ponies

    Idaho Land Closure at American Falls

    The Bureau of Reclamation has announced a "non-emergency" land closure, effective March 31st, 2012 for 4,000 acres of public land in the vicinity of American Falls. This closure has been announced without public input. Get involved. http://www.facebook....00083550098226/