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  1. I do believe it is my pilot jet as well not so much for it being dirty but I do think I will need a richer jet in order to run my bike in such low temps that i have .... Basically it bogging at full throttle from a lean bog as its getting too much air and not enough fuel . Alot more oxygen in the air when it 5 degrees Celsius outside which would cause it too lean itself out type of thing . Im thinking of buying the richer jet and cleaning the carb out very well while I put in the new jet .....Says in service manual what jets should be run for different temps ...factory jet is ment too be used in alot warmer weather than what i got here right now ....Also says the jet number for my weather temps right now and how too set up the carb I think I will get the jet for now . Thanks for all the help and if anyone would like to add something I would appreciate that .
  2. Thats what I thought I should of cleaned it out and yes on my temps I do believe I will need a new jet and what not . Good too hear I guess I will get a jet that is appropriate for my outside temps and at the same time I will get in there and clean it all up and what not .. Just happy its somewhat of an easy fix. If anyone else has anything to add that could help me understand this or help I would appreciate that . thank you ,
  3. So I picked up a 2006 YZ125 this week brought her home cleaned her up nice and what not everything looked good as I do have some experience working on bikes from the past and what not.... Took her all apart cleaned and greased everything up made sure everything was tight etc etc ..... Set up the suspension for my weight etc .. So anyways first off let me start with this it was my buddies bike and only rode the thing about 4 times since he bought it brand new in 2006 so basically the bike is brand new and the motor has not been touched as its pretty much brand new ....Anyways today I put fresh fuel 91 octane and mixed with the Amsoil interceptor at about 40:1 ..... Fired it up let her warm up and everything then kicked her in gear and brought it out on my street .....So here is my issue I can hammer on it every gear and she flys like a bat out of hell BUT I can only get her to move by rolling into the throttle and thats it ....... But for instance if Im cruising second gear lets say at half throttle and just twist my wrist right too full throttle she bogs down but doesn't shut off just looses speed and engine bogs .....As soon as I back off that gas and let the motor come down in rpms and then give it more gas she will then pick up no problem until the next gear but then that same symptom happens all over again if I do the same as I stated above. The bike does not bog at all at idle or 1/4 --!/2 throttle (trying to explain my best here) . So other things I did for this problem or maybe could be the problem is : 1. Changed old gas that was in the tank and put fresh gas and oil mix in there ( Amsoil 40:1) 2. Took out the plug was a little oily but burned it off and took some sand paper too it just for reassurance as it doesn't not show the signs of being fouled. 3. Took the carb off the bike and inspected it with intentions of cleaning it but it just so happened that it was clean enough to eat off it ... Put that back in the bike .. 4. Cleaned air filter and whole air box housing . 5. Set the pilot air screw to factory setting listed in the manual 2 1/4 turns. I am not sure what it can be at all but something is telling me it could be the weather temperature which is : 5 Degrees Celsius ,25-35 Degrees Fahrenheit all depending on time of the day. From what I understand in terms of jetting and what not I do believe it is the factory jet in the bike other than that I don't know how much jets are and what different effects the give or if this could even be the problem as I am still learning and this is what I read somewhat in the owners service manual for the bike . I also read it could be a fuel overflow line which I do beieve is actually missing on my bike as there is one tube missing where all the overflows are It doesnt make sense to me that it would cause this issue but you never know .. Sorry for the long message but I would like some help on this and hope I explained my self well if there is anything else I can answer I will be more than happy to do so . Hope I can get some help so I can rip this thing Thanks .