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  1. bobco65

    Mikuni BST33 spare parts (Suzuki DR350)

    Hello, somebody knows the item code for the o-ring visible in the enclosed pictures? The carburator is a Mikuni BST33 installed on a Suzuki DR350S '91. Thanks.
  2. bobco65

    DR350S starts only if I push it in a descent

    As manual... 1. If the engine is cold, I pull the choke. 2. I depress the decompression lever and slowly kick the engine over until the decompression lever pops out 3. Lets the kick lever return back to the top of stroke and I apply a firm kick In this face the throttle is always closed. I already ordered a new NGK iridum spark plug because I think the problem is in the spark weak. Could be the HT ignition coil too.....
  3. bobco65

    DR350S starts only if I push it in a descent

    Already done. The compression and the clearance are OK. Yesterday evening I tuned better the height of float into the carburetor and something is changed. After 20 time, it strated...
  4. Hallo guys, I bought a '91 DR350S with 22000 km. I cleaned the carburator and I substitute all jets with original spare parts. I installed a new NGK spark plug too. Now I have big difficulties to starts it with kickstarter, but it starts at the second try if I push it in a descent. After the motorbike is started the motor run very well. Do you have some advise for me?