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  1. Oh yeah, we are regulars there! It doesn't get much better than Brushy. Richard and that group do a fantastic job keeping that place up. We are just looking for something different. Preferably somewhere we can rent a cabin or house...make it a dude weekend.
  2. Yeah the two way stuff is pretty annoying but Pinnacle Creek didn't run much into this. Rockhouse was a nightmare though. Do you think the trails are more challenging at Durhamtown or WV? Everything I have read about Durhamtown is that it is awesom for MXers but not as fun for guys that want to ride the trails.
  3. First post here but have been reading on here for a long time. We have a motley crew of guys wanting to take a trip and do some riding. I have personally been to Rockhouse, Pinnacle Creek, and Indian Trail in WV but there are some guys telling us about Durhamtown, GA. We are a trail riding group but fairly decent. I know there are 6 mx parks at Durhamtown which I could care less about. I am a family man and have no business going 20 ft in the air. So I am talking strictly trails. Which are better trails and why? Have any of you been to both and could provide some thoughts here? Thanks!