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  1. martirw

    21k miles and now a valve out of spec.....

    yea true that i always get that stuff mixed but regardless it could possibly be a cupped valve but more than likely its not since it went for over 21k
  2. martirw

    21k miles and now a valve out of spec.....

    im by no means an expert but your clearances should get looser with time yours went to 007 tighter might mean a cupped valve
  3. martirw

    fcr 39 help

    i think its a polaris judging from the needle that was in it... its an old style slant with choke no tps
  4. martirw

    fcr 39 help

    i have been reading and already setup my new carb with 200 main air 100 pilot air 45 pilot (enroute had a 55 also got a 42 possibly for elevation?) 165 main (i have a 160 and 158 coming as well) adj fuel screw i need help with what needle to use i have a OBDVR looks like a 45 taper from that chart on the lean side but how comparable is that to say the emn or should i be looking at something else? this is for a ltz 400 with drze gasket,springs,oshc, in essence just a drze and i ride from 3-7k of elevation. thx Rene