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  1. yea true that i always get that stuff mixed but regardless it could possibly be a cupped valve but more than likely its not since it went for over 21k
  2. im by no means an expert but your clearances should get looser with time yours went to 007 tighter might mean a cupped valve
  3. i think its a polaris judging from the needle that was in it... its an old style slant with choke no tps
  4. i have been reading and already setup my new carb with 200 main air 100 pilot air 45 pilot (enroute had a 55 also got a 42 possibly for elevation?) 165 main (i have a 160 and 158 coming as well) adj fuel screw i need help with what needle to use i have a OBDVR looks like a 45 taper from that chart on the lean side but how comparable is that to say the emn or should i be looking at something else? this is for a ltz 400 with drze gasket,springs,oshc, in essence just a drze and i ride from 3-7k of elevation. thx Rene