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  1. no i just guessed... i think i put the spring, then pin, then threaded piece back in, in that order. It runs fine, but i dont know if its perfect.
  2. I have an '81 Yamaha sr250 exciter. I just got the spark-plug recommended in the owners manual. The terminal cap spark plug was missing and i thought it was just stuck in the cap. Turns out its not supposed to have one Anyway, i unscrewed the connector part of the spark-plug wire thinking it was just the sparkplug's terminal cap and some things fell out. 1 spring, 1 metal pin and 1 threaded cap. I am just worried i lost something else or installed them in the wrong order. I put the pin in the boot first, then the spring, then the threaded cap (which has to go in last to hold everything in). Any help on this? It runs, but i dont know if it's right. Here's a pic of the stuff that came out and a pic of the inside of the plug wire.