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  1. newbernbears

    crf150 tire for the job

    What part of NC? I am in New Bern
  2. newbernbears

    My 03 CRF 230F Make Over!

    Best looking crf I ever saw
  3. newbernbears

    fuel leaking when bike is shut off

    I'd inspect needle and seat, needle may be stuck
  4. newbernbears

    150F idle issue

    Seafoam is good after you clean the carb. It would not loosen up the crud for me. $9.99/pint There are free manuals on here somewhere, 03-05, same process of cleaning for 06
  5. newbernbears

    Would you plug a sidewall?

    plug along dudes i tried
  6. newbernbears

    2003 CRF150F value?

    Nada kbb
  7. newbernbears

    Would you plug a sidewall?

    thank you! Tires are tires sidewalls are sidewalls physics is physics force = ma I would not even plug/patch/repair a sidewall on a bicycle, you guys do what you want, but remember the ABC's of safety... ALWAYS BE CAREFUL be blessed
  8. newbernbears

    best 2 stroke repair/builder

    If problem is their fault, they should take care of it, unless your receipt says otherwise.
  9. newbernbears

    Would you plug a sidewall?

    Sidewalls are not repairable and it would be unsafe and dumb to try.....I sold 500 tires per week 5 years, we patched tires, never plugged, never sidewall of anything....be safe
  10. newbernbears

    my battery is dying overnight

    Good point......you could unhook battery each night, if it still goes down, it is bad. Yuasa batteries are best IMO. Battery should read one volt higher when running, if rectifier is working.
  11. newbernbears

    Whats up with anti suzuki?

    1.Honda 2.Yamaha 3.Kawasaki 4.Suzuki
  12. newbernbears

    2008 CRF150F Been sitting 6 months

    Pulled carb off today, second go around. Dissasembled main jet and cleaned, properly installed plastic slosh gizmo. Bike runs perfectly! THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!