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  1. 1990jeepguy71

    1998 rmx 250 carb problem

    ok guys, I installed the Keihin PWK air striker 38mm in place of my stock PJ. The bike idles perfect and sounds crisp. The throttle is much more responsive too! I had to use the top off my PJ to use the old throttle cable and assembly. I took the jets from my PJ (175 main and 55 pilot as per FMF specs). Everything fit perfect from the PJ to PWK and all problems are now mysteriously gone. Hope this helps other RMX riders and thanks for the input I got guys!
  2. 1990jeepguy71

    1998 rmx 250 carb problem

    I have done a top end and it has one ride on it. The piston and cylinder looked great and i had the contact points on cylinder and head machined perfectly flat. I installed a thinner head gasket made by Moose racing. I also just ordered a PWK air striker 38mm brand new. I'll post after i install it but i'll also spray some carb cleaner on the rubber carb housing with the engine running and check for leaks to be thorough. Thanks!
  3. 1990jeepguy71

    1998 rmx 250 carb problem

    hey guys, I recently bought a stock 1998 rmx 250 and put on a gnarly pipe and powercore silencer. I re-jetted the carb according to the specs of FMF's website. It is the keihin PJ carb. The problem: It either won't idle or it will idle rough or it will idle out of control to the point where have to stall the bike out because the kill switch wouldn't work. The idle adjustment device is the choke knob which is loose and barely "clicks" like it should when you turn it. Some spots in the throttle felt decent but overall the bike just didn't sound as good as I wanted it too. Before I spend the money, does this sound like the typical PJ and would getting the PWK clear these problems up?