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    TTR125 Mikuni VM24 carburetor. It works!

    I might be interested in the space. Keep us posted.
  2. flyingfitz

    TTR125 Mikuni VM24 carburetor. It works!

    Update. The ttr125 has performed well with the vm24 carb. The only issue I had one day was a clogged pilot jet. I was in the field and dropped in the 20. The issue was solved. It actually runs a little better in the cooler weather. Keep an eye on the choke plunger. Make sure it snaps into place after warmup. It can be "nearly closed" which will have an effect on the mixture. Fitz
  3. flyingfitz

    TTR125 Mikuni VM24 carburetor. It works!

    Update: Had a chance to play with jets and am left scratching my head. I tried 95 to 130 in steps of 5 and still too lean. I stuck the 210 that came with the carb and it runs pretty close?? Also, the needle needs to be in the bottom (richest) slot to make midrange correct. This has all the signs of an air leak but I can't find one. The only other thing to add is that when checking the valves I turned the motor over manually to get to TDC. The compression seemed low. Could a worn out top end result in less draw through the carb requiring a really big main?? The bike runs solid but these settings have me stumped. Any takers?? Here is my current configuration. 2005 TTR 125 Stock Bore Stock Exhaust Stock Air Cleaner Top cut out of airbox Mikuni VM24-512 of the "Genuine" Variety (Large Bowl Screw for changing main jet) 1 1/2 turns out on the air screw 17.5 Pilot Needle Clip in Bottom Slot 210 Main Jet 600 feet altitude 65 degrees Anyone?? Fitz
  4. flyingfitz

    TTR125 Mikuni VM24 carburetor. It works!

    Update. VM24-512 Roundslide Install 2005 TTR-125. Stock Bore Stock Exhaust Stock Air Cleaner Airbox Modded (Top Cut Out) The VM24-512 from Niche Cycle arrived in a timely manner. I believe the carb to be of the "non-china" or "Genuine" variety. I read a post on another site that said if the carb has a large bowl screw in the bottom it is a "genuine" Mikuni. Mine has the large bowl screw. Both China and non-china models seem to have good reviews. The genuine carb will allow a main jet change without removing the bowl. The genuine model was about 10 bucks more. Niche Cycle had a wide variety of jets in stock. The salesman was informed and helpful. I installed a 17.5 pilot, 110 main and put the needle clip in the middle position. The carb bolted up easily. The engine side flange is a little smaller diameter than the stock model carb. I removed the small spacer in the clamp to allow the boot to be compressed more. This seemed work fine with no leaks. The carb spigot did not bottom out in the boot as described in another post. If anything, it was a little shorter than stock. The ridge on the spigot engaged the boot just fine. The airbox side boot fit fine. The VM24 is a little shorter requiring the airbox boot to be stretched a little before securing with the clamp. Drilling the cap and installing the original throttle tube was uneventful. The straight fuel inlet pipe is not a problem. Purchase a foot of fuel tubing, route it appropriately around the frame/backbone and cut the excess off. No problem. The bike started right up with minimal use of the choke. Idle and low transition is reliable with no airscrew adjustment for initial settings. I have not had an opportunity to properly jet the bike yet. My initial feeling is that the 110 main is way too rich. I am thinking a 100 will be close. Also, the needle will probably need to drop down a clip position. Overall I am pleased with this product so far. I will post jetting results when I get a chance. Fitz
  5. flyingfitz

    TTR125 Mikuni VM24 carburetor. It works!

    Gulfislander, LC450 and anyone else that can help. I am also looking at the VM24-512 unit that comes with the 40 and 210 jets. Other than the ebay info, does anyone have a tried and tested jet configuration for this carburetor on standard bore ttr125? I cant help but think that we are talking about a few different models of the VM24 on this thread. Some may be bonified Mikuni, some might be knock-off. Some carbs come with the 17.5/97.5 config, some with the 40/210, and the kx65 refit seems to be different again. We are talking about the round slide carb. I am about to order and am tempted to go with 17.5 and 20 pilots and 100, and 105 mains in addition to what comes in the carb. I am at 600 feet elevation. I am looking at Sudco and a place called Niche cycle. Niche seemed to be helpful, informed with good stock and a variety of jets at a reasonable price. Thanks for the help Fitz