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  1. Whooligun1

    JR 50 problem

    I did that and pushing up on the float stops the gas the way it should. It's an air cooled engine, so there's no coolant involved. Going to try premix and see if it still does the same thing.
  2. Whooligun1

    JR 50 problem

    So I bought a 2000 JR 50 for my nephew and have been trying to get it running right. It would run fine but the overflow on the carb would pour out gas... a stream of gas. Took it apart and cleaned it all up but discovered the float was eat up where it connects. Bought a brand new carb off ebay... new plug. Cleaned out the tank and filled with fresh gas.. fresh oil in the injector tank. Fired right up, but still does the same thing. The float is working fine and it's perfectly clean. It will run while giving it gas but won't idle down and gas pours out the overflow still. Idle and air screws don't help. Spark seems very weak, but didn't think this could make it do this. white smoke pours out of the exhaust... not just a little bit.. enough to fog the neighborhood for a while lol.. smoke doesn't smell bad or any different than other 2 strokes i've had. Would disconnecting the injector and running premix help? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  3. Whooligun1

    kx100 question

    I tried searching for this, and I from what I've gathered it won't work, but I figured I'd ask anyways. I have 2 rolling chassis... I have a 1997 that is mostly complete minus the engine and everything is in good shape. I have a 2004 that has an engine I'm going to rebuild top, bottom, and new clutch..but lacks a seat, tank, plastic... the rest of the bike has been thrashed on hard and EVERYTHING spray painted black. My main question was will the 04 engine bolt onto the 97 frame.. Second question is if that won't work, what will swap onto the 04 from the 97... forks, brakes, wheels, etc. Thanks for reading.