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  1. it happens quick, mine jumped its time, made a mess of the head, hopefully yours didn't.
  2. my 85 dropped a valve and made a horrible mess of everything. Local Speed shop fixed my chewed up valve seat area on the head. It gets mighty expensive. My parts were $800 (cnd) alone back then, 14 years ago or so. You'll know better once you tear into it.
  3. ran mc1 for 5-6 years in a cr250r and never tore it down until last season to have a look and all was good. Oil is almost never the issue, it is usually jetting, or something else. Dominator is ok if your mostly WOT, it even says so on Amsoil's website, if you're more of a put put kind of guy it'll gum up more so than other oils.
  4. What I was getting at was that you don't ride year round so I'm guessing your bike is jetted for summer, and you got it out early and although it feels warm after a long winter, it is like you said, 45-50 degrees. You are a tad lean my friend. Either richen it up, or wait a few weeks until the temps rise.
  5. warmer weather should richen it up. or do you mean the warmer than winter weather, but still not summer temps? Either way grey is close to lean and do what the other guy here said.
  6. The DRZ is a more modern bike, the XRL is dated, they each have their place, and the tight stuff isn't on the XRL's list.
  7. Hey guys, was sent to this section because apparently I never realized that I've owned this bike for so many years! (15-16 years) I have a '85 XR250R (99% original) and I had it completely rebuilt about 13-14 years ago (engine). When it got rebuilt I didn't have the extra money (was a 12 year old kid!) to get it bored out, which the mechanic said it didn't need, but could use. It has used oil ever since and I find it down on power compared to another XR250 that my friend had bought for $200 and was a pile of shat, but would take me like nothing! Anyways i am older now and I only ride the thing around the fields maybe 3 times a year, and last fall when i had it out I noticed that the head gasket was blowing out air and other areas leak oil a fair bit. So since I have to tear the engine down to replace all my gaskets I want to either "A" bore it out and buy 0.25mm OS piston/rings/wrist pin/C clips, or "B" re-sleeve it and leave the factory size piston/rings in there. Can you even bore these cyl out? (wiseco's website says sleeving required on the 85 XR250R but boring on the 86) Also parts for these bikes are becoming harder and harder to find (genuine honda awa aftermarket)
  8. I just did some research and Found on XR's Only website a 75.00 mm sleeve for $65 and Since I just did a top end rebuild not that many miles ago (but some years ago) It would be cheaper for me to keep my internals and get a new sleeve put into my cylinder than to bore it (if I can) and buy new piston/rings. At least I'll see when it gets torn down.
  9. just like trim it? My guard use to pop out of the little spot it hooked into on the swing arm and it has worn a hole through it, I think mine might be warped a bit (the black plastic piece) as it still rubs from time to time of my 4.60 rear tire. I looked up the stock size tire for the XR350 and it's a 130/80-17 (so a 5.10 came stock on them) Anyone know if a 5.10 can fit on a stock XR250 from '85? or if the 350 and 250 shared the same swing-arm?
  10. Where are all you '85 owners at? I know it's 26 years old, lol
  11. Just a quick question, my rear tire is 4.60X17 (the old 17" rim the 85 xr had) it rubs now on my chain/tire guard, but have read of people using 5.10 or lager tires on XR350's. Will a 5.10 fit? or better to stick with my 4.60? Or a 130/90-17? Thanks for any input.
  12. around $100 labor here for mine to get torn down and put back together. Price the other parts and there ya go.
  13. if that's correct than that's good news. btw that thing has seen a lot of sun!
  14. I see the '85 has a bore and stroke of 75mmx56.5mm, whereas the '86 has a 73mmx59.5mm bore and stroke. Hopefully someone here knows if you can bore a std. 1985 XR250R cylinder 0.50 mm over.
  15. I've seen Honda TRX 300 ATV heads where the owner installed the oil filter backwards resulting is no oil to the top end and the atv still ran fine, but way down on power and the head was f'd to say the least. Where the cam runs was a ruined beyond repair. Give it a good look over before you buy....