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  1. What I do is shoot in 1080p 60 frames per second on a class 10 card , edit in and export it in h264 with lossless settings so they are giannnnnt files but totally worth it , rarely change lighting and shadows and stuff when editing , and also that Velcro type sticky mount isn't good my friend I've been riding with has one and it doesn't want to stay together when riding the rough stuff .
  2. Isn't it weird how it gives that illusion. Speaking of that I need a better mount mine is shaking and clacking, need something that will go over the mouth guard vent area
  3. Riding some super gnarly stuff that hasnt been covered in snow yet on the new 350 [youtube] [/youtube]
  4. Good ride yesterday! Thanks Asher
  5. I'll let you know by about 5pm tonight if I have to work tommorow or not. If I don't I'll be joining. Pm me your phone # .
  6. some video ive gotten lately of some fun rides !
  7. taking the 300sx out earlier this year to hit some big ol hills in ohio
  8. yep we just went out a little early for the high elevation stuff, idaho and more colorado are on our radar
  9. our trip out west from ohio was sweet, rode 8 days straight on all the good trails
  10. so much fun that im tryin to move out there
  11. just wait till i put some video up of the mountains of utah, best mountain singletrack ive ever ridden
  12. yeh some dudes must have shoveled out the lip, they had some sick jumps out there but im more of a hillclimb guy
  13. last few days on our trip out to utah and colorado, this place is so awesome