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  1. brandi696

    Yz426f not starting and just backfiring

    Well we went back at again and started from point A. And still nothing, just can not figure it out. The beast has a week the ole man says and its gone. I just can nt understand why all of sudden this happened. Compression is awesome, spark is great, fule air miture is right on and still nothing. What I am wondering is; is it going to matter that we put a neutral switch block off plate on? Everyone says that that wont cause a starting issue. We have even took it a shop and it has the mechanics stumped also. THey said there was no logical reason for it to be doing this. Any new idea of what this could be?
  2. brandi696

    Yz426f not starting and just backfiring

    I do have a question though do you have to do anything special to the nuetral switch after you put the comp cam in? Cause we took it off and put a block off plate on it, but it did not say if there was anything special we had to do after we took it off. Does anyone know about this? Hopeing maybe this is the problem?!?!??!
  3. brandi696

    Yz426f not starting and just backfiring

    I have to say at this point I am giving the bike a week to run. We went back over the basics started at point 1 and still nothing, we have the stuff for it to run but it just refeuses to actually run, saturday we were able to start it and let it run for 10 mintues, and after that it started just fine. But then sunday nothing but a backfire, today nothing. This even has the mechanic in aww. He can not figure it.... Just tired of it all ready.
  4. brandi696

    Yz426f not starting and just backfiring

    Hello again, So today we changed the plug while in the shop and also put the stock cam back in and it wont even fire. Have no clue what the heck is wrong with this dang bike. Yesterday it would kick over and try but back fire and today nothing, and yes we checked the spark and it is awesome. What could possible bve wrong with it? Please help if you can anything at this point is worth trying. What we have treid, put oem valve cam back in, changed the plug 8 times, shimmed and checked timing cleaned carb (very well) put fresh gad in it. checked the spark again still good strong spark. What is the heck could it be?
  5. :banghead:Hey guys I am new here, and have few questions for someone. I have a 2001 yz426f and it has been completely gone through, changed to the decomp cam to hot cams,(no more decomp lever) so here we go, after we shimmed it and put it back togther it started and ran great, so we shut it off, then we were able to restart it 6 times after that, then this morning I went to start it so I could break it in today and all it is doing is kicking over and backfiring, so we tore it back down to check the clerence on the vavles there just fine nothnig worng with them. What in the heck is wrong with this stupid a$$ bike? Runs great lastnight, then nothing today. As of right now I am ready to throw the "B" out and run it over with my truck. Thanks guys....