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    Such a blast. Best sm I have owned due to the fun mixed with reliability. Mine has a 434 big bore and wide ratio gearbox. Best of everything.
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    Such a blast. Best sm I have owned due to the fun mixed with reliability. Mine has a 434 big bore and wide ratio gearbox. Best of everything.
  2. Same diagram from BikeBandit. Sorry for sounding so ignorant however I wanted a second view on what part it actually was. But you did help me, so thanks again.
  3. Sure does. Thanks a lot.
  4. Cool now what's it called and where do I get one?
  5. Hello all. I have a 2005 DRZ400SM. I am looking for an exhaust gasket. I had a leak where the pipe meets the header. The header had a little gasket that it fit into and it kind of got screwed up and it leaked. So I want to replace that. But I have no idea where to find it or even what it is called. I have looked for exhaust gaskets on eBay and everywhere else and am coming up short. But I bet TT can help me here.... lol
  6. I agree the sound is pretty nice, but when you hear the "Fast and Furious" boys coming with their eBay exhausts you think, "God, I wish this tractor would get off my ass... Oh wait... &%$#@! STi? Shew."
  7. I would get the cable extension because I can guarantee it will not reach the rear wheel.
  8. The bike is stock but he isn't afraid of the throttle, and neither am I. My bike keeps up with him. He has some weight on me. =)
  9. Just as above, just push it back in, it will stay. Mine comes out each time I remove the tank, I never pay any mind any more.
  10. By the time you get to that level it really doesn't matter what they are driving it is no longer the brand. Back when Ford made the GT40 you would be proud to be an American in that day, but honestly if you buy even the BEST top of the line Ford Fiesta it will not have ANY power or feature close to what Ken's car has in this video. A rally car should just be rebranded when it comes to companies like Ford and Mini (Now-a-days). When the RS 2.5, Mini Cooper, STi, Cosworth's, and all the other cars were out you could go to the showroom and get about the exact same deal. Now if you want a good car branded and not losing its heritage the only thing that comes close is the EVO and the STi. Such a shame really because that little Fiesta will fly when modded to that state.
  11. My friend actually owns the 450 SMR, I have road it plenty. I must say, it definitely gets things done, but with him on it I am the exact same speed as him. I also have more confidence in the corners.
  12. ANYTHING is a rocket with me on it I weigh 140 now and am 5'9" tall. The DRZ400SM modded would just carry the back wheel with me on it, it already lifts a little anyways. I can't imagine what a 690 would do with me on it lol.
  13. Ah, okay. I have been told. =) The bike pulls up easily to me, has to be modded. That would explain more of that sound as well, just as you stated. Good looking out
  14. Didn't look like it to me. Sounded and front fender looked more like a Yamaha 450. But maybe I am wrong.