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  1. Paintball armpads. Do not slide down, Lots of padding and very breathable. I suggest these 2. I use both for paintball and riding.
  2. Busch made (or still makes) camo beer cans! but no one drinks busch.....
  3. K and L supply
  4. presision shock and vibe clamp
  5. Yes shaving the seat would help, But set you suspension right before you do anything. I am 5'7" too and just got a yz250f, I can touch but have to lean too one side, I have also dropped the bike a couple times. I would suggest riding a friends bike, or at least go to a dealer and sit on one. The honda and kawasaki's sit slightly lower than the yamaha. I plan to set the sag tomorrow or friday night and see if that helps at all. But definitely go sit on one before you buy.
  6. I have see these all the time on ATV's and have always wondered if they would be comfortable on a dirt bike. I know they work great on Quads, they help with anything from big hits to jarring braking bumps. But I dont know about having the whole bars move.
  7. same situation, but taller and heavier! lol
  8. can we get some more info about you and your ride style?
  9. that would have been bad
  10. we love our pro armor doors with the matching graphics, speakers, loony tuned exhaust. you will probably want some brush-guards with a flag mount, and maybe 2 rigid industries dually's or dually d2's mounted to the front brush-guard, and if you like night ridding also get a rigid industries SR-M diffused mounted to the back for reverse. here is a pic of ours
  11. Thats true sometimes only god can help you in some situations.
  12. yeah I had most of my weight in my gut, and thighs when I lost my 18-20lbs It made a huge difference pants and shirts fit way better and dropped a inch or 2. thanks for the info. yeah I am already trying to do that, but our house is being remodeled (so no kitchen) and we have been eating out, subway it is!! haha. but thanks. Wow I have seen stuff kind of like that snowboarding but not quite that bad. Ouch
  13. about the time I hit the ground....haha, well like "timmyp" said we have all gone out and done a quick ride with little or no gear.
  14. yes, when i went down it was on a driveway lined with trees, I hit the ground and right after that slip right into the tree. no fun..
  15. Yesterday I decided to go for a quick 5-10min ride before we left to go eat, I hopped on the bike in a short-sleeve shirt, jeans and some heavy duty cowboy type work boots riding a crf150r I was in 2nd gear transferring to asphalt and hit the gas a little too much and I low-sided and got the full force of a peg to to my foot, It broke one of the main foot bones on a growth plate and in the center of that bone. I am on crutches for 6 weeks, but would have walked away if I would have put my mx boots on as I usually do, So WEAR YOUR GEAR, Luckily I was wearing a helmet. I had also just lost 18lbs and was feeling great, Does anybody have an tips to keep the weigh off, and anything to gain back some muscle mass afterwards?