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  1. I noticed an oil leak on my KTM 450 SX-F when i pushed the bike up the ramp into my truck. It looks as if the oil leaked out of the case and was collecting in the scrape guard. This happened last fall. I took the guard off and drained the oil, cleaned up the oil residue, and re-installed the drain plug. Put new oil in and it didn't leak, figured the problem was the drain plug was loose. Rode it once and put away for several weeks. Same thing happened again. I am wondering if the gasket between the two halves of the bottom case is worn out and how much of a pain it will be to replace. Anyone ever seen this issue and have some insight for me? Thanks, Andy
  2. Listerhead

    Las Vegas MX tracks

    Sandy Valley is a fun track. They have open practice Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 6-10 pm. Once the sun goes down, the temperature drops and is bareable. Make sure to bring food and drinks with you, not much around the track.
  3. Listerhead

    Las Vegas riding buddies

    Hey guys, I'm living in Henderson and I have been riding alone for about a year out here. Looking for a group to ride with around the vegas area. Hit me up!
  4. Ok so I bought a 2008 YZ250F from the original owner in late 2009. It was basically brand new and I have been using it for strictly trail and desert riding. I started to notice a high pitched whining noise coming from the engine and and a loss in power. So I took it to a dealer for a diagnostic. They reported that it had 17% compression loss and needed a top end rebuild. They wanted to charge me $1400! So I declined and decided to try it myself, but I have been trying to learn some things by reading the forums on here and realize I still have zero idea what I'm doing. Can someone please help me out? What kind of tools do I need and how do I get started on this? Thanks, Andy
  5. Ok so I have a 2008 YZ250F and bought a LEXX MXe slip on exhaust pipe a few months ago. Getting into the installation, the instructions say that a collar may be required for fitting the new mid pipe onto the stock header pipe. I can only find (2) collars with my assembly: 45.6 and 38.1 mm. 38.1 mm is too small and 45.6 mm is too large. Has anyone else bought this pipe and installed it? Am I missing a collar size that should have come with the assembly? Maybe I am missing something here. Thanks.