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  1. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    What do you wear for cold weather rides?

    What do I wear for cold winter rides? LAYERS, tons and tons of LAYERS (and Long John's)
  2. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

    Happy New Year! i know a little late, but ive been too busy riding to internet! lol, well a little update, the DR is running like a champion, it actually took control of the woods trails all winter long, and held up like a trooper. I intend on posting some pics of the DR125se as soon as i get a chance, remember, feel free to chime in on this thread if you own or have ever owned, or wish to own the suzuki DR125SE. Happy Ridin'.
  3. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

    Cav1, Dude, all i can say is, Epic job well done, thank you for all the knowledge and info youve given on this topic. it would be great to get out and catch a ride with ya someday. cheers bud
  4. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

    I am sooo stoked, i finally got to ride the DR, ive been putting in quite a bit of seat time out in the woods and it handles like a dream, even with the minor issues i still have to iron out. and Cav1, its awesome to see the progress youve made and im saving this thread to my comp as i type so i have all the info when i do my upgrades, hey btw, u never found the power reed cage? hmmm
  5. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

    awesome effort, im definately waiting for your test results, keep the info coming, btw, have you found your reeds yet?
  6. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

    Most four strokes dont have reeds, but a rare few do, and this is one of them, btw, the reeds are located in the cylinder head. Boyesen makes them and their called "602 Power Reeds" theyre supposed to help abolish or minimize "spit back". which in normal case scenario, thats what valves are for. ive yet to see mine, but its coming soon lol heres a link to the reeds on amazon http://www.amazon.com/Boyesen-1982-1988-1994-1996-1978-1981-1979-1981/dp/B000GU36U0
  7. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

    still at it, im about to drain all the gas in the tank and restore the inside, its rusty. any ideas on product or procedure? also im still trying to find the time to do the valves, im thinking a carb jet kit, like a 1-7 stage kit, couldnt hurt, along with some new reeds, but im not sure how their gonna come out, and go back in. ive done reeds on a 2 smoker, but never a 4, due to the fact most 4 strokes dont have reeds, thats what valves are for , but reeds do help out in the long run for "spit back" on any bike imo. thats another thing that i like about this bike, its exclusivity and rareness here in the states. hey im still up for keeping this thread alive, and would love to hear any stories or information pertaining to these bikes, and pictures would be great, it would be cool to meet other people that own this particular model bike.
  8. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    DR-100 valve adjust / cam chain adjust

    im searching for ya, but im having about as much luck finding your specs as i did finding mine, but have faith, this is the best cycle talk websit on the net, someone will find it for you
  9. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

    btw i cleaned the petcock yesterday, completely broke it down and blew it out with compressed air then sprayed it with carb and choke cleaner, as far as the jets go, i completely broke down the carb, other than the diaprghm at the top, the screws are stripped out bad, i may need an ez out
  10. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

    Gonna check that this afternoon, i need to go buy a feeler gauge this morning. and as too keeping this thread alive, i agree whole heartedly. i had a heck of a time finding any real info on this bike. so whatever u guys can contribute is greatly appreciated.
  11. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

    Awesome Cav1er, keep the info coming! im a bit discouraged today, i could only get the darned thing to fire for a second or so, no real continuous running, do you know what the factory setting is on the adjusted screw, im gone from 1 turn to 3 and a half turns out and still nothing is consistent, it must be carb ? or maybe exhaust valve isnt seated right? any ideas would be great, ive been trying to get this bike up and running for awile now.
  12. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

    Excellent bit of info, thanks again captain, do you know how much oil this bike takes and what the valve clearance is? also, did u say this bike has been fuel injected in the past? thats pretty neat.
  13. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    Hey TT'ers!

    If I've said it once ive said it a thousand times, its an honor and a privelege to be a member of the same forum as you Gary, You've been my MX teacher for 25 years now and a Motocross legend for even longer. Thanks for all your time and dedication to the World's Greatest Sport. Sometimes I wonder if people realise who they share company with on this forum, Gary Semics, Shane Watts, among many others. This site has always been a treasure trove
  14. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    The All Elusive DR 125 SE (94-96)

    excellent el capitan, thanks again, Now on a different note, does anybody else have any definitive information, technical data, compatibilities with other bikes etc, that would be excellent. shoot, the history on the DR125 SE and input from owner operators of this bike would also be appreciated.
  15. Bad_Billy_Robinson_3

    Thank you tax man. Finally bought the KX

    hahahahaa, aint it a bitch! thieven scoundrels, the whole lot of em! lol, congrats on the new ride, brother