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  1. The big d

    HandleBar for a 2006 drz-400sm

    My dad has ridden many bikes with anything from the carmichael bend to the cr high bend and he says the stock fits him. Go figure.
  2. The big d

    What oil are you running in your SM???

    I use an oem filter and Mobil 1 10w40 motorcycle oil. I usually change it between 500 and 800 miles. I would go longer but it cures some boredom.
  3. The big d

    HandleBar for a 2006 drz-400sm

    Thanks for the link to the specs, I did not find that earlier. I wanted to do a 1 1/8 upgrade but my dad doesn't want to since it is his bike. He loves the stock bend.
  4. The big d

    HandleBar for a 2006 drz-400sm

    I have looked for about 6 hours and I cannot find a pair of aftermarket handlebars that either match or are very close to the stock bend. I hear about all the bends but they are way different from stock. Can anyone lead me in the right direction on this? I really don't want to pay 100 dollars for handlebars at the dealer.