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    05 crf, hole in side of valve cover?

    ah thanks mang. I see some valve covers on ebay for $30-50. Do I need to buy a new decompression mechanism? Any other parts I may need?
  2. Just bought an 05 crf450r. The 1st day I took it out I rode it for about 3 hrs or so. Everything was fine, stopped the engine to talk to my buddy and when we got ready to go my bike wouldnt start. I noticed alot of times it was extremely hard to kick. So I never could get it started and thats when I realized there was a hole about the size of the end of my pinky in the passenger (right) side facing forward valve cover right there where it says "unicam". Looks like a drill drilled from the inside out making a perfect hole. There was a little oil residue on the edges but not much. The oil site glass still shows full so I dont think too much harm coulve been done to the bottem end. Im guessing whatever happened had to have happened when I was trying to kick it over? What do you fellas think? Is this gonna cost me big dollars? I bought a honda for the reliability factor over the rest but looks like I shot myself in the foot